Graduate School of

Master of Arts in Global Communication


Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory courses.

Fundamentals of Research
  • Global Communication I: Thesis Reading *
  • Global Communication II: Research Methodology *
  • Global Communication III: Academic Writing in Japanese *
Language, Culture and Society
  • Global Communication Studies I: Linguistics
  • Global Communication Studies II: Second Language Acquisition Theory
  • Global Communication Studies III: Intercultural Communication
  • Global Communication Studies IV: Intercultural Understanding
  • Global Communication Studies V: Chinese
  • Global Communication Studies VI: Korean
Japanese Language Education Translation and Interpretation TESOL
  • Japanese Language Education Ia: Japanese Grammar
  • Japanese Language Education Ib: Semantics and Pragmatics
  • Japanese Language Education IIa: Teaching Methodology
  • Japanese Language Education IIb: Japanese Language Education for Specific Purposes
  • Japanese Language Education IIc: Japanese Language Acquisition
  • Japanese Language Education IId: Teaching Practice and Research
  • Japanese-Chinese Translation I: Culture
  • Japanese-Chinese Translation II: Society
  • Japanese-Chinese Translation III: Literature
  • Japanese-Chinese Interpretation I
  • Japanese-Chinese Interpretation II
  • Japanese-English Translation I: Culture
  • Japanese-English Translation II: Society
  • Japanese-English Interpretation
  • Japanese-Korean Translation I: Culture
  • Japanese-Korean Translation II: Society
  • Japanese-Korean Interpretation
  • English Language Structure Analysis
  • Foundations of English Language Teaching
  • Curriculum and Materials Design I
  • Curriculum and Materials Design II
  • Portfolio Compilation Presentation
  • Practicum
Courses available across the curriculum
  • English I: Oral Presentation
  • English II: Thesis Writing
  • Japanese I: Oral Presentation
  • Japanese II: Advanced Writing
  • Overseas Study Program
  • Global Communication Internship
Global Communication Seminar *
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