Graduate School of Humanities

Graduate School of Humanities

The Graduate School of Humanities operates under the theme of "shaping humanity with academics" to develop advanced specialist staff and researchers with a broad interdisciplinary perspective and international communication skills. It also aims for objective activity in a diversified society, and for development of human resources that can contribute to creation of a new society.

The M.A. program includes Women's Studies, Inter-Cultural Studies, and Global Communication, while the Ph.D. program includes Comparative Cultures, creating an environment conducive to interdisciplinary research in the M.A. to Ph.D. programs.

Graduate School of Humanities

M.A. Program

Women's Studies / Inter-Cultural Studies / Global Communication

Ph.D Program

Comparative Cultures

  • Research themes:
    Comparativegendertheory, communicationbetweendifferent cultures, international cooperation and exchanges, comparative cultures, gender criticism, medical technology, etc.
  • Internships:
    United Nations University, WIN (Women's Intercultural Network), UNESCO Asia Culture Center, NWEC (National Women's Education Center), etc.
  • Expected career paths after degree:
    International institutions, NGOs/NPOs, local public authorities, publishing companies, overseas branches of Japanese corporations, teacher, counselor, etc.
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