A Study Tour to Yahoo! JAPAN

The international business study students of our Graduate School made a visit to Yahoo! JAPAN on July 6th (Thursday). In this visit, first Yahoo! JAPANfs officials made a thorough briefing on the companyfs major activities, their business size as well as their employee number. Then, the officials provided our graduate students with detailed and adequate answers to the following three issues the students had prepared and submitted to the company before the visit took place: (1) job opportunity at Yahoo! JAPAN, (2) Yahoo! JAPAN s policy toward human resource development, and (3) Yahoo! JAPAN's business strategy. The study visit ended with exciting and enthusiastic questions, answers and interexchange of views.
Our graduate students must have absorbed a lot of knowledge and intellectual stimulus from this IT company visit, which will surely be turned into account in their future career development. We hereby would like to express our deep gratitude to Yahoo! JAPAN's officials for their thorough preparation for the visit and all the briefing, detailed information and advice they have sincerely provided to our graduate students.

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