Our students visited the Sasakawa Peace Foundation as a part of one class

On November 21, Tuesday, Graduate students of GSIA visited the Sasakawa Peace Foundation(SPF) which was the foundation of the Asian top-class.
The visit consisted of three parts such as observing its facilities, an explanation and lectures on SPF and a group talk .
Our graduate students heard an explanation on the history of the SPF, the its purposes and activities from its staff and lectures on some concrete activities such as peace-building efforts in Thailand and some activities on the Ocean policy from its researchers. Then the students were divided into two groups and exchanged opinions with those researchers.
Through the above visit, the students could know that non-profit organizations such as a foundation were different from the private enterprise in activities and functions but socially played important roles, and also realize that there were other career possibilities for themselves .
We are very grateful for well- prepared explanation and lectures on SPF, and support of the day by Mr. Akinori Sugai, Managing Director of SPF, Dr. Akiko Horiba, and Dr. Miko Maekawa, its Senior Research Fellows, Ms. Shizuka Hirahara and Emi Shimada from HR division.

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