The second JFAST (Japan Forum for Asian Science and Technology) was held at the Kioicho Campus of JIU

On December 2, 2017, the second JFAST (Japan Forum for Asian Science and Technology) was held as an exchange meeting for technology innovation in Asia at Kioicho Campus Building in Tokyo. The Graduate School of International Administration of Josai International University participated in the event as cosponsor with Josai International Center for the Promotion of Art and Science (JICPAS) of Josai University Educational Corporation as a supporter.

The purpose of the Forum is to accelerate interchanges among different fields such as social sciences and humanities, natural science and the business and send our technological innovation towards other Asian countries from Japan in a situation where international exchanges between Asia and Japan are accelerated, while international exchanges beyond borders of experts in various fields have not necessarily flourished in Asia With drastic changes.
Furthermore, the Forum was held as the event to make a foundation to develop and stimulate a community of Japanese in Asia, their cooperation and Japan's international exchanges in the future.

The event consisted of three parts such as "Development of Ecosystem in Innovation in the world and Asia","Innovation ecosystem in China and Singapore" and "How can Japan create technology innovation in Asia".
Four students of our graduate school could have very valuable experiences to learn the project management by taking part in planning and supporting the event administration.

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