A Study Tour to MetLife Insurance K.K.

The students of our Graduate School made a visit to MetLife Insurance K.K. on December 5th (Thursday). In this visit, officials of the company gave our graduate students thorough briefings on the companyfs major activities and strategy. They also provided our graduate students with detailed and adequate answers to their questions.
Our students learned what life insurance business is, that there are differences and variations in the business according to a country and some new business trials in the company. And they also realized that officials of multinational companies such as MetLife have various and colorful career backgrounds through their answers Through the above-mentioned process our students could receive very intellectual inspiration and a chance to think about possibility of their works in the future which stimulated them to study and work hard.
We hereby would like to express our deep gratitude to MetLife Insurance K.K. and their officials such as Mr. Webster Coates, Statutory Executive Officer, Mr. Takeshi Mayuzumi, Assistant Vice President, Ms. Junko Owada, Manager of HR Talent Acquisition Dept. and Ms. Ayako Mie, Group Manager of Integrated Contents Management, Corporate Communications for their thorough preparation for the visit and all the briefing, detailed information and advice they have sincerely provided to our graduate students.

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