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Faculty Members

Motoyuki ONO(Executive Dean)

Educational Background
B.A. Law (Kyoto University)
Research Fields
Educational System, Education Policy, Education Law, Education Curriculum, Education Reformation, University Reform
Lectures on Private Schools Act (2009. Kasumi-Shuppansha)
Working Experiences
1968: Ministry of Education
2000: Vice Minister of Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture
2001-2002: Vice Minister of Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology
2003-2011: President of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
2003-2014: Visiting Professor, Doshisha University
2013-2015: Guest Professor, Kyoto University Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability
2012-: Director of Josai International University Graduate School
2006: L'ordre national de la legion d'honneur ( France)
2008: Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Germany)
2015: The Order of Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Star (Japan)
Courses Taught
Policy Studies Ⅶ (Education Policy)
Regional Studies in a Global Perspective X (Japan)
Welcome to my lecture, “Educational Policy.” I’m a specialist of Japanese educational policymaking. As Vice-Minister of Japan’s 文部科学省 (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), I was responsible for Educational Reform: i.e. renunciation of “Yutori Education” (education with emphasis on giving children more latitude) and reform of national universities. As President of JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science), I have inaugurated the “HOPE Meeting with Nobel Laureates” to foster talented young researchers of Asia-Pacific region; increased the Budget of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research; and enhanced programs to support the development of young post-doctoral scholars. I also served as a member of Educational Rebuilding Council installed by the First Abe Cabinet; working to renovate Japanese Education system.
Education is an extremely important national project. Together with students in post-graduate studies, I wish to study and research Japanese educational policy which will greatly influence the future of our country. Diligent pursuit of knowledge will always lead you to a bright future.
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Taku OSHIMA(Dean/ Professor)

Educational Background
M.A. Graduate School of Social Science, Hosei University.
Academic Degrees
Master of Laws.
Research Fields
Industry Analysis (Global comparative analysis of automotive and information technology industry) / Japanese economy analysis / Venture business.
Main Publications&Working Experiences
1. 2010: Co-author “Automotive Recycling”, (NPO. JARA) .
2. 2015: Co-author “A Case Analysis of Auto-Parts Supply Systems at Japanese Companies in Quangzhou, China”, (The Josai Journal of Business Administration, Vol.11&12, No.1).

Associate Professor, Osaka City University. Visiting Scholar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Professor, Faculty of Economics, Josai University. Professor / Dean, Graduate School of Economics, Josai University. Professor / Dean, Graduate School of Business, Josai University. Professor, Faculty of Business, Josai University. Director, Mizuta Memorial Library, Josai University. : Vice Director, Josai Center for Graduate Studies. Professor / Dean, Graduate School of International Administration, Josai International University (2013~Present).
Courses Taught
1. International Administration I (Introduction).
2. International Administration II (International Understanding).
3. International Administration Ⅲ (Fundamentals of Thesis Writing).
4. Policy Studies II (Regional Planning).
5. Corporate Studies Ⅵ (Japanese Corporation).
6. Corporate Studies Ⅹ (Global Marketing).
7. International Administration Seminar with Academic Advisor.
Born in Shenyang, China, I have been engaged in the international comparative analysis between China and Japan in information technology and automotive industry. I would like to explore new business innovation model in the field of global marketing with the graduate students of engaging mind set.
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Katsutoshi ABIRU(Professor)

Educational Background
B.E. Architecture ( Waseda Uni.)
M.E. and ph. D courses in Department of Life Science and Engineering(Waseda Uni.)
Academic Degrees
M.E.(Urban Planning)
Research Fields
Tourist Area Planning, Vitalization of Japan’s Remote Islands & less favored areas
Main Publications&Working Experiences
2006 : Wellness and Wellness Tourism ?The Positioning, Concept and a Viewpoint of Development(JIU Bulletin . Faculty of Tourism)
2008: coauthor“Tourism Research”(Hand Book related to Tourism Practice. Pub. Maruzen. Co. Ltd.)
2010:The Promotion of Tourism through Community Development (JIU Bulletin .Faculty of Tourism)
2016:A New Perspective for the Future Promotion and Development of Remote Islands in Japan (The Hosei Journal. Hosei Society of Humanity and Environment)
Courses Taught
Management on Tourist Area (Japan)
Tourism is the highest possible growth industry in the 21st century. I hope that I can share significance of tourism in the global society with all of you through a study of the management on tourist area.
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Amadio ARBOLEDA(Adjunct Professor)

Educational Background
B.S. Biology and Chemistry, Ateneo de Manila University
M.A. Biology, Fordham University
Kali-Chemie AG (Hannover, Germany), Student Researcher
Ph.D. courses in English Literature, City University of New York-Hunter College
Academic Degrees
B.S. Biology and Chemistry
Research Fields
Japanese book culture, Edo period books, NGO research
Main Publications&Working Experiences
Publishing in the Third World: Knowledge & Development, Heinemann Mansell, 1985
"Publishing in Japan,” in International Encyclopedia of Publishing, Garland Publishing, 1995
“The Gutenberg Syndrome: An Illusion of International Research,” Journal of Scholarly Publishing, Vol. 32, No. 3, 2001
“Medieval China’s Rich Print Culture: Harbinger of Gutenberg,” The Book and The Computer (online journal), 2001
"Bookstores and Publishing Culture: Status of Bookstores in Chiba Prefecture", The Bulletin of the Graduate School of Josai International University, 2006

American Heritage Dictionary, Definitions Editor
University of Tokyo Press, Chief Editor, International Division
United Nations University,
- Director, University Press,
- Director, Rector’s Office,
- Secretary of Governing Council
Josai International University, Professor (from 1996),
- Department Chair,
- Vice Dean,
- Director, Foreign Student Support Center,
- Director, NGO-NPO Support Center
Josai International University, Adjunct Professor, School of International Administration and School of Global Communication (2011 to present)
Courses Taught
(From 2011)
International Administration III: Fundamentals of Thesis Writing
Policy Studies V: NGO/NPO Policy
(In Global Communication Studies) Global Communication Research IV: Intercultural Understanding
Studying at the graduate level is very difficult. However, if you do your studies in international administration well the benefits for your future can be very big. This is because you will learn to think and act at an international level, which is very necessary to work effectively in the world today. Of course, develop many skills, but, remember, it is your international intellect that will help you most.
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Toake ENDOH(Professor)

Educational Background
M. Phil. and Ph.D. from Columbia University, Political Science Department.
M.A. from University of Texas at Austin, Institute of Latin American Studies.
B.A. from Tsuda College, Liberal Arts Department (International Relations).
Professor at Graduate School of International Administration, Josai International University.
Also taught at Hawaii Tokai International College (Professor), State University of New York Fashion Institute of Technology (Assistant Professor), City University of New York, Brooklyn College and Hunter College (Adjunct Lecturer). Visiting Professor at Kobe University (April~August2017).
Work experiences include: Sumitomo Bank New York (Country Risk Analyst), Harvard Business School (Research Assistant), and Nomura Research Institute (Research Assistant)
Research Fields
Comparative Politics, International Relations, International Migration, Migration Policies, State Theory, Institutionalism
Courses Taught
International Regional Studies XIII(North America)
International Studies III (Diplomacy)
Special Lectures I (Presentation)
We are living in a turbulent century, rife with possibilities and uncertainties. Live a meaningful life, expanding knowledges through numerous experiences like a fox, but without losing a sight of truth like a hedgehog. Seek freedom but cherish others’ wellbeing. I would like to materialize such ideals working with you all.
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Shigeki FUKASAWA(Professor)

Educational background
JU Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry , Graduate
JU Faculty of Science , Assistant Professor (Biochemistry)
JIU Faculty of Management & Information Sciences , Associate
Professor , Faculty of Social Work Studies , Professor
Faculty of Social & Environmental Studies , Professor
Graduate School of International Administration , Professor
Academic Degrees
Ph.D (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Research fields
Environmental Sciences , Life Sciences
Main Publications&Working experiences
Thermostable Proteinases from a Luminous Bacterium Vibrio logei CPM-D3. Purification and Some Properties. Chem.Pharm. Bull. Vol.38 1990
Some Properties of a Chitinase from a marine Luminouse Bacterium, Vibrio fischeri Strain COT-A136. Chem.Pharm.Bull. Vol.40 1992
Storage of Marine Bacteria : Long-Term Freezing Storage of Luminouse bacteria Using Squid Extract Medium. Bulletin of Josai International Uneversity,Vol.1 1993
Prospects of the Antibiotic-free Foods. Faculty of Social & Environmental Studies, Bulletin of Josai Internatoinal University, Vol.8, 2013
Courses Taught
1.Policy Studies Ⅳ (Ecology Policy)
2. International Administration Seminar with Academic Advisor
3. International Administration Internship
The base of studying in graduate course is research by yourself. For that, the most important thing is concerning about problems in our society. When you decide the theme of master thesis subject, I recommend you choosing a field which has valuable and diverse date. For making sure of your aim, you need to watch news media, read newspapers.
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Akira IIKURA(Professor)

Educational Background
B.A. Economics (Keio Uni.)
M.A. International Relations (International Uni. of Japan)
Ph.D (Seigakuin Uni.)
Academic Degrees
Research Fields
International Politics, The Russo-Japanese War, The First World War
Main Publications&Working Experiences
2004: Yellow Peril no Shinwa (The Myth of the Yellow Peril) (Sairyu-sha)
2004: "The Anglo-Japanese Alliance and the question of race," in P. P. O’Brien, ed., The Anglo-Japanese Alliance, 1902-1922 (RoultledgeCurzon)
2006: "The 'Yellow Peril' and its Influence on Japanese-German Relations,”in C. W. Spang and R-H Wippich, eds., Japanese-German Relations, 1895-1945: War, Diplomacy and Public Opinion (RoultledgeCurzon)
2010: Nichiro-senso Fushiga Taizen (The Russo-Japanese War in Cartoons), 2 vols. (Fuyo Shobo Syuppan)
2013: Kokaron to Nihonjin (The Yellow Peril and the Japanese) (Chuokoron-shinsya)
2016: Daiichiji Sekai Tasisen-shi (A History of the First World War) (Chuokoron-shinsya)
Courses Taught
1. International Administration Seminar
Life is not so easy, especially for my seminar student as he must work hard. In return for his efforts, he will learn a lot and may complete an excellent master’s thesis. Knock on my office’s door if you want to live a meaningful academic life!
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Takeaki KARIYA(Specially Appointed Professor)

Educational Background
B.A. & M.A.in Economics ( Hitotsubashi University)
Ph.D. in Statistics (University of Minnesota)
Academic Degrees
Ph.D. & Doctor in Mathematics (Kyushu University)
Fellow of Institute of Mathematical Statistics (USA)
Research Fields
Econometrics, Statistics, Financial Analysis, Financial Engineering, Portfolio Analysis, Enterprise Risk Management, Real Estate Analysis Strategic Management
Main Publications&Working Experiences
Quantitative Methods for Portfolio Analysis (Springer 93)
Kariya, T. and Liu, R.(2003) Asset Pricing.(Springer)
Kariya,T.& Kurata,H.(04) Generalized Least Squares, J.Wiley
Kariya, T. and Hatchoji,S. (2014) Optimal Combinations of Character of a Superior and his Subordinate in View of Transforming Business-front Information into value. Journal of Contemporary Management.
Kariya, T.,et.al (2015). Credit Risk Analysis on GBs of Euro Countries; Term structures of default probabilities of French, Italian, Spanish and Greek GBs relative to German GBs. Asia-Pacific Financial Markets
Courses Taught
(Past) Financial Analysis, Financial Engineering, Strategic Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Intangible Asset Management, Time Series Analysis, Real Estate (Now) International Finance, Statistics, Securities Markets
At Josai International University acquire the 3 important elements for the success of your life: the internal impetus that drives you for a specific target, the intelligence that enables you to pursue the target, and the communicative character that makes you collaborate with people.
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Gorota KUME(Professor)

After graduating from Tokyo University, he worked with the Export-Import Bank of Japan (presently JBIC), Marubeni and JGC as middle and senior managers and corporate officers.
He has a long experience in the fields of international finance, project finance and project development as well as administration and auditing, When stationed in Paris three times, he covered European and African affairs. He wrote a number of papers for international discussions, attended classes in INSEAD and Harvard University, and has experience in making lectures at universities in Saudi Arabia and Canada. He is presently engaged in international NPO activities and other businesses.
International economics, corporate governance and management, regional studies (Europe, Middle east and Africa)
Teaching Subjects
Regional studies in international perspectives XV ( Middle East and Africa)
International Corporate Studies IV ( Corporate Governance)
International Corporate Studies XI ( Cost and profit management)
International studies VIII ( International Exchange)
Study Subjects
Corporate governance in international businesses Japan- French exchanges
All of my classes are delivered in English. Students are expected to actively participate in class discussions.
To listen to lectures and express your ideas in English will help you continue to study and work with businesses in the future.
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Retangieppu KURIKI (Pen-name: Le Thanh Nghiep, Professor)

Educational Background
1956-63: Petrus Ky High School (Vietnam)
1965: Leaving Saigon Uni. (Vietnam) at mid-term, moving to Japan as a scholarship student
1965-67: Japanese language and liberal arts (Chiba Uni.)
1967- 1975: BA, MA, and PhD courses in Agricultural economics (Hokkaido Uni.)
Academic Degrees
PhD (Agricultural Economics, Hokkaido University)
Research Fields
Economic Development, Agricultural Development, Applied
Main Publications&Working Experiences
1976- 1990: Senior economist at the International Development Center of Japan (IDCJ), field works in more than twenty countries.
(1979: World Bank, Economic Development Institute)
1990- present: Josai Univerisity, Josai International University

1979: The Structure and Changes of Technology in Pre-war
Japan’s Agriculture (Amer. Jour. of Agri. Economics)
1995: The Agricultural Development of Japan (University of Tokyo Press, co-author)
1998: Developing Countries and Markets (Nagoya: Sankeisha, in Japanese)
2006: The Process of Economic Development in Vietnam (Hanoi: Nha Xuat Ban Khoa Hoc & Ky Thuat, in Vietnamese)
Courses Taught
(1) Seminar (supervision of Master’s thesis writing, in Japanese and English)
(2) International Administration Ⅳ (Research methodology for social sciences, in Japanese and English )
(3) International Administration Ⅰ(The comparative dimension in international studies, in English)
Work hard for your career and the progress of social sciences.
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Masaichi NAKAUCHI(Lecturer)

Educational Background
B.A Commerce (Meiji University)
B.A International Hotel Management (Florida International University)
M.S Hotel ,Restaurant and Food Service Management(F.I.U)
Academic Degrees
M.S(Hotel, Restaurant and Food Service management)
Main Publications&Working Experiences
2007 Vice President of Development of Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts
2008 President of International Restaurant Service Co
Courses Taught
Food Management
Food business is the one of the most dynamic business in the world and people’s business and Through the course,I would like to teach how to manage the people and properties and to become the business owner with the minimum investments.
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Haruka NISHIMATSU(Visiting Professor)

Educational Background
Economics, Tokyo University.
Research Fields
Airline Business and Tourism
Main Publications&Working Experiences
1972~2010 Japan Airline .
2006~2010 CEO Japan Airline
2011~  Josai international Univ. Visiting Professor
Courses Taught
1. Airline Bisiness
2. Tourism
I think that Asian young people should have more global view in various field.
I try to do my best to give students various up-dated information regarding world-wide movements of passenger .
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Yoichi OBUCHI(Faculty of Contemporary Policy Studies, Visiting Professor)

Educational Background
1966-68 Master course in Political Science and Economica (Meiji Uni.)
1968-71 Doctor Course in Political Science and Economia( Meiji Uni.)

Academic Degrees
Master of Economics
Research Fields
Transportation Economics and Urban Economics
Main Publication & Working Experiences
1990 Introduction Economics, Taga-syuppan
2000 Contemporary Transportation Economics, Tyuo-keizaisya.
Faculty of Economics. Professor/ Dean, Faculty of Economics
Faculty of Contemporary Policy Studies, Professor / Dean, Faculty of Contemporary Policy Studies.
Courses Taught
1. Tour Studies V ( Transportation Policy )
2. Policy Studies X ( Urban Policy )
3. International Administration Seminar with Academic Adviser
Let’s decide your paper title as early as possible and make efforts.
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Yoshiyuki OKAMOTO

Educational Background
B.A. Economics (Yokohama National University)
M.A. Economics (Yokohama National University)
PhD courses in Economics (Kyoto University)
Academic Degrees
Ph.D (Economics)
Research Fields
Corporate & Industrial Economics , Management theory, and Regional Economics
Main Publications&Working Experiences (Selected)
-Factors which Determine Corporate Diversification: The Case of Camera Producers, Journal of International Economic Studies, No. 4, 1990.
-Japanese Management and Inplantability to Italy, the Discussion Paper of the Faculty of Applied Economics and Sociology of Hosei University, 1992
-The strategy of SMEs in Italy, Mita-shuppan, 1992 (in Japanese)
-The Viability of Industrial Districts by Flexible Specialization: A comparison
of Italy and Japan, Journal of International Economic Studies, No.7, 1993
-The evolution of industrial districts and the role of community, Journal of International Economic Studies, No.15, 2000
-"Regional networking of small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan and Germany: evidence from a comparative study", Boris Braun, Wolf Gaebe, Reinhold Grotz, Yoshiyuki Okamoto, Kenji Yamamoto, Environment and Planning, Vol. 34, pp. 81-99, 2002
-“The characteristics of industrial clusters in Japan”, Shakai-Shirin, Vol. 52,  No. 1, 2005  (in Japanese)
-"Industrial Districts in Japan", THE HANDBOOK OF INDUSTRIAL DISTRICTS, Eds. Giacomo Becattini他、 Edward Elgar Publisher, 2009
- Sustainable Innovation and Regional Development : Rethinking Innovative Milieus ,L. Kebir, O. Crevoisier, P. Costa and V. Peyrache-Gadeau in the edition of the GREMI-T, Edward Elgar,2015
Courses Taught
International Administration
Presentations and discussions are required.
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Takaaki SASAKI(Lecturer)

Educational Background
B.A. Economics (Tokyo Uni.)
Academic Degrees
B.A. Economics
Research Fields
Public Policy, Policy Making System, International Economics
Main Publications&Working Experiences
1. 2010: Co-author “Policy Formation”. (Minerva Shobo)
2. 2009: Author “Fukyogaku-no-Genzai”, (Yamakawa Shuppansha) .
3. 2004: Author “The Structure of Political Distrust ”, (Nippon HyoronSha)

2002-2004: Lecturer, Mejiro Univ.
2005-2012: Lecturer, Reitaku Univ.
Courses Taught
1. International Administration Ⅲ (Fundamentals of Thesis Writing).
2. Policy Studies Ⅳ (Policy Evaluation).
3. Special Lecture Ⅲ (Career Formation)
3. Special Lecture Ⅶ (Readings)
The most important thing in student life is to gain highly specialized knowledge and keep intellectual curiosity about everything.
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Seiki SEN(Professor)

Educational Background
B.A. Commerce (Waseda University)
M.A. Commerce (Waseda University)
Ph.D Management (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
Academic Degrees
Ph.D Management (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
Research Fields
International Marketing
Intercultural Communication theory
Distribution Economics
Asia Economic Innovation Advanced course
Main Publications&Working Experiences
2010 Asia economic development theory (Chapter 8, Taiwan) BunShindo
2008 Visiting Professor ,Josai University
2013 Part-time Lecturer ,Waseda University
Courses Taught
International Administration Seminar with Academic Advisor
Corporate Studies I (Global Administration)
Corporate Studies VII (Global Talent Management)
Regional Studies II (Asia)
I concentrate on developing talents, so that they become specialized in international business.
For Asia's economy, especially as the base of production and export for auto industry and electronic industry, I investigate what today's most important subject is. Therefore, I often pick up the up-to-date topics to commentate.
And for international students, the lessons of business and communications between different cultures are provided. The guidance of the internships will be offered and the future's career path can be discussed after graduation."
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Nobuhiro SHIBA(Professor)

Educational Background
1971-74 Master course in European history (Waseda University)
1994-79 Doctor course in European history (Waseda University)
1975-77 Faculty of philosophy, University of Belgrade
Teaching/Work Experience
1979-81 Research Fellowship for Young Scientists, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
1992 Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo after Lecturer and Associate Professor, Keiai University
1994 Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo
1996-2010 Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo
Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo
2010- Visiting Professor, European Center for Peace and Development founded by UN in Belgrade
2013- Professor, Graduate School of International Administration, Josai International University
Research Fields
History, East European Studies, Contemporary History of Europe
Main Publications
Contemporary History of Yugoslavia (Iwanami-shoten, Tokyo, 1996, the 18th edition in 2016)
Nationalism in the Balkans (Yamakawa-shuppansha, Tokyo, 1996, the 13th edition in 2015)
Illustrated History of the Balkans (Kawadeshobo-shinsha, Tokyo, 2001, new edition in 2015)

World War I and the Beginning of Contemporary Culture<World History 26> (Chuokoron-shinsha, Tokyo, 2009)
60 Chapters to know Serbia (Akashi-shoten, Tokyo, 2015)
60 Chapters to know Croatia (Akashi-shoten, Tokyo, 2013)
New Perspectives on East European Studies (Yamakawa-shuppansha, Tokyo, 2012)
School History and Textbooks: A Comparative Analysis of History Textbooks in Japan and Slovenia (In?titut za novej?o zgodovino, Ljubljana, 2013) in English
In Search of a Common Regional History: the Balkans and East Asia in History Textbook (The Univ. of Tokyo, 2006) in English
Courses Taught
1. Regional Studies IV (Europe)
2. International Administration II
3. International Administration Seminar
I hope you will acquire a viewpoint from wide perspective at the age of globalization.
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Shika SONE(Associate professor)

Educational Background
B.A. Japanese language and Literature (Fudan Uni.)
M.A. and PhD courses in Political Science and Ecomomica (Meiji Uni.)
Academic Degrees
Ph.D (Economics)
Research Fields
China's Macroeconomic Policies, Economy of East Asia
Main Publications&Working Experiences
2002:A study of Japanese fiscal policies after World War II (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press)
2007: Politics & Economy for new members of society (Tachibanashobo Press)
2008: Chinese business circumstances (Gakubunsha Press)
2015: Politics & Economy (Gakubunsha Press)
Courses Taught
1. International Administration Ⅰ (Introduction)
2. Regional Studies Ⅱ (East Asia)
3. Regional Studies Ⅸ (Regional integration・Regional cooperation)
4. International Administration Seminar with Academic Advisor
I hoped that students who have received the above training will play active leadership roles in various sectors in their home country or other countries.
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Educational Background
The Faculty of Humanities of Tokyo University(B.A.)
The Graduate School of Sociology of Tokyo University(M.A.) Completed
Doctoral Course at the above(Ph.D)
Academic Degrees
Research Fields
International Relations and Media
Main Publications&Working Experiences
The Biography of MIkio Mizuta(2015),
Japan and Philippine Revolution(2010),
Digitalization melts down Nation-states(2005)
Nationalism and Media(1997),
War and Press(1995),
Japan-U.S.A. Crises and Media(1992),
Long Interviews with Japanese Prime-ministers(1991)
Courses Taught
International Relations
Widen your knowledge further than information, and enlarge your stock of wisdom more than knowledge
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Takahiro SUZUKI

Educational Background
After receiving his BA from the Faculty of Law at University of Tokyo and studying at University of Malaya, Takahiro Suzuki earned his MA in political science and futures studies from the Graduate School of the University of Hawaii in 1985 under a East-West Center grant.
Research Fields
Public Policy, Political Science, Political Education, Political System etc.
Previously, he worked for the National Institute for Research Advancement, Japan Forum on International Relations, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation and the Nippon Foundation. Additionally, Suzuki was appointed Administrative Director for Research at the Tokyo Foundation, a designated professor and deputy director of Handai Frontier Research Center at the University of Osaka and Director of the Think Tank 2005 Japan, a policy research institute affiliated with the Liberal Democratic Party. From 1991 to 1993, he was an adjunct fellow at the Urban Institute. He was also a special assistant to Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, a visiting professor of Chuo University, an adjunct lecture of Hosei University, and a Chair on Selection Committee for Student New Business Award, the New Business Conference Kansai in 2004. He, as a proposal partner, received the Award for Excellence, Osaka International Concept Competition, on May 2003.
Main Publications
He has authored more than twenty books including the Making of a Prime Minister, Creating Democracy in Japan?autobiography on think tanks, Think Tanks of the Word; Linking Knowledge with Public Policy, Creation of New Policy Formation; Think Tanks in Civil Societies, A Japanese Think Tank; Exploring Alternative Models, Citizen Literacy, The Way of Citizens to mobilize Politics by learning from American Society, and Policy Analysis in Japan.
Courses Taught
1.International Administration I (Fundamentals of Management)
2.Policy Studies (Policy and Public Policy)
3.Special Lectures II (Executive Program)
4.Special Lectures III (Career Development)
5.Special lectures V (Management on Non-profit Organizations)
6.International Administration Seminar
I hope that you can build a foundation of making yourself continue to study and catch up social changes which will happen in coming years through graduate courses of our GSIA. Study hard and also enjoy yourself.
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Educational Background
B.A. (Architecture) from Chiba Institution of Technology
Higher Diploma (Architecture) from Centre for House Problems in Third World Countries in University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Ph.D. from Department of Town and Country Planning in University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
Academic Degree
Ph.D. (Regional Planning Theory)
Research Fields
Regional Planning Theory in Tourism (Institution and Organization), Project Management and Evaluation in International Development Studies, Research Methodology and Method in Social Science
Main Publications & Working Experiences
"Regional Disparity based on Ethnic groups" Journal of International Development Studies, 1993
"Introduction of Regional Planning ~Patter, and Process~" Journal of International Development Studies, 1994
"Introduction of Regional Planning ~What is Social Science?~" Journal of International Development Studies, 1995
"Lessons from Decentralized Planning: A Case Study of District Focus in Kenya" UNCRD Proceeding Series No.37 (Nagoya, 1998)
"Rural Planning Theory in Western Societies ? ‘locality’ as the Process-" (English) Journal of Rural Planning Vol.19 No2, 2000
"New Approach of Rural Development in Sub-Saharan African Countries" IDCJ FORUM 22 (Tokyo, 2002)
"Ingenious Development and Capacity Development" IDCJ Research Paper (Tokyo, 2008)
"Project Management in International Cooperation ~Process~ " No.13, 2010, University of Touyo
"Project Management Approach ? Lessons from International Cooperation Projects ? " JIU Bulletin, Faculty of Tourism, 2017
1982-1986: Japanese Oversea Cooperation Volunteers in JICA
1994-2008: International Development Centre of Japan
2008- : Professor of Faculty of Tourism and Graduate School of International Administration in JIU
2013-2017: Dean of Faculty of Tourism in JIU
2017- : Director for International Relations in JIU
Courses Taught
International Administration IV: Fundamentals of Research Methodology and Method in Social Science,
Project Management and Evaluation,
International Administration Seminar

In addition to accumulation of knowledge in your specialized domain, it is certainly expected that you will build own perspective in understanding social phenomena through discussion with us, and reading academic books. We are ready to facilitate your growth with our pleasure.
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Masayuki YAMADA(Professor)

Educational Background
Kyoto University (1962-1966.)
Georgetown University (1976-1978) (Fulbright grantee)
Academic Degrees
Kyoto University (BA, Law Dept.)
Georgetown University (MSFS, School of Foreign Service)
Research Fields
International Corporate Studies
International Lobbying Activities
Main Publications&Working Experiences
Unification of hardware and software in Japanese electronic industries (2005/4, Journal of Asian Management Studies vol-11)
Development of software and industrial policies in Japanese electronics industries (2006/3, Annals of the Society for Industrial Studies vol-21)

Hitachi Ltd(1966-2004)
Asia Dept. Manager, Europe Dept. Manager, International Relations Dept. Manager, Washington Corporate Office US Senior Representative,
Hitachi Software Engineering Executive Managing Director
Courses Taught
International AdministrationⅠ: Fundamentals of Management
Corporate Studies Ⅲ: International Trade and Distribution
Do your best to develop your ability for future career.
I am glad to assist your studies any time.
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Yuang YU(Professor)

Educational Background
B.A. of Economics (Waseda University)
M.A. in Ecomomics(Waseda University)
Ph.D. in Ecomomics(Waseda University)
Academic Degrees
Ph.D in Economics
Research Fields
Social Security, Public Finance, Heslth Economics
MainPublications&Working Experiences
Waseda University, research assistant
Josai University, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor
Josai University, Professor
Vice-Director of International Education Center, Josai University
Courses Taught
Policy StudieⅧ (Social Welfare)
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