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Graduate School of
Management and Information Sciences

Graduate School of Management and Information Sciences

Organizations are responding to changes in economy and society as IT, software, and internationalization progress ever farther, and if they cannot create a structure that is capable of responding to the complex and multifarious changes in environmental conditions that arise without letup, the time is coming when it will be extremely difficult for these organizations to fulfill their roles.

The Graduate School of Management and Information Services, Management of Entrepreneurial Ventures, M.B.A. program, aims for thorough guidance toward acquisition of advanced qualifications, and development of advanced specialists with creative problem-solving and decision-making abilities, and to develop researchers and university instructors in the academic courses. Students studying in the M.B.A. program can either go on the path to becoming a businessperson with advanced knowledge and wisdom, or can advance to the Ph.D. program to become a researcher. The Ph.D. program develops research skills while at the same time boosting teaching methods and the ability to guide students, toward becoming an educator.

The Management and Information Services Department of Research allows students to take graduate level courses while still at the undergraduate level. Acquired units can be counted after the student progresses to the graduate level. This program can make it possible to complete an M.A. program in one year.

M.A. Program

Management of Entrepreneurial Ventures (M.B.A.)

Ph.D Program

Management of Entrepreneurial Ventures

  • Research themes:
    Corporate strategy proposal, international business, Japan, Asia, Western management, etc.
  • Expected career paths after degree:
    Independent entrepreneur, specialist staff for bank, securities company, insurance company, venture capital, or administration, international business manager, strategy staff for multinational corporation, public certified accountant, tax accountant, etc.
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