Josai Holds Unveiling Ceremony for Inscribed Tablet Honoring Fusei Tomiyasu

Unveiling ceremony of the engraved monument
(At left: Doshi Sakai, Fumiko Endo; at right: Chancellor Mizuta, Advisor Murai, Kamogawa Mayor Takao Hasegawa)

Chancellor Mizuta addresses a speech to the audience

Miyaji Suzuki of Kippo-hachiman Shrine performs the ceremony of Kiyoharai

Faculty members from Dalian University of Foreign Languages

Many participants, including students and faculty members from overseas, at the unveiling ceremony.

For the 50th anniversary of the Josai University Educational Corporation, the university unveiled an inscribed stone tablet in honor of esteemed haiku poet and teacher to Josai founder Mikio Mizuta and Honorary Chancellor Seiko Mizuta, Fusei Tomiyasu. The inscribed stone tablet was erected along the Mineoka woodland path in Kamogawa, not far from the founder’s birthplace.

The inscription on the tablet reads:

“The arrival of the swan came almost naturally”

This verse was one given by Mr. Tomiyasu to Honorary Chancellor Seiko Mizuta to celebrate the publication of her first collection of haiku, The Swan.

The tablet’s unveiling, which took place on Monday, June 9, 2014, was attended by many esteemed invitees including the daughter of Mr. Tomiyasu, Fumiko Endo; advisor for the haiku journal Wakaba over which Mr. Tomiyasu presided, Doshi Sakai; Kamogawa mayor, Takao Hasegawa; members of the Josai International University Haiku Association and Kamogawa Wakaba Haiku Association; residents of Kamogawa; and Chinese faculty from JIU sister schools.

In April 2006, the Josai University Educational Corporation launched the Mineoka Path Sakura Restoration Project, which involved the protection and cultivation of the existing Mizuta sakura trees planted by Josai founder Mikio Mizuta as well as the planting of new sakura trees every year. As a result, the number of sakura trees lining this path has now grown to almost 700. These Mizuta sakura, which act as symbols of our founder’s principles of community development and international exchange, have also been donated to Josai sister schools overseas as tokens of friendship.

With its beautiful rows of sakura trees and its blend of nature and culture, we hope that the Mineoka path will attract many visitors and become known as a major new tourist destination.


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