JIU’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Hosts the International Pharmaceutical Seminar

The three guest lecturers from England

Pharmacy students developing an interest
in the international education

A photo taken after the lecture with participants

A welcome luncheon with JIU faculty members
What kind of pharmacists will Japan and the rest of the world need in the future?
At this year’s International Pharmaceutical Seminar, hosted by JIU’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, participants turned their gaze to, not just Japan, but the global scene in asking what pharmacists and students of pharmacy can do for future society.

The International Pharmaceutical Seminar, organized under the aforementioned theme, “What kind of pharmacists will Japan and the rest of the world need in the future?” was held on Wednesday, June 25, 2014.
Lecturers for this seminar were Prof. Ian Bates, Director for Education Development for the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP); Dr. Andreia Bruno, FIP Project Coordinator; and Naoko Arakawa of the FIP Collaborating Center, all of whom travelled from England for this event and were able to give lectures on global trends in pharmacy and medicine, the current state of pharmacists in Japan, and what will be expected of them in the future from an overseas perspective. Implicit in all of their lectures was the concept of “thinking globally, acting locally.”

There is a great chance that every problem we will encounter from now on has already been dealt with and resolved somewhere else on the globe. The key is then in developing a sophisticated method of problem-solving through the maintenance of a broad perspective, exchange of information, and frequent discussion with others in the field. This is precisely the sort of international perspective that will be expected of pharmacists and students of pharmacy.
The lectures from the three experts, all of which were given on the same day on Josai’s Tokyo Kioicho Campus, were featured in the July 7 issue of Yakuji Nippo (The Pharmaceutical Times).

At JIU’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, using medicine as a keyword, we plan to continue to facilitate exchange between faculty and students on both a domestic and global level with the goal of fostering pharmacists who can contribute to the happiness of all people, regardless of nationality.


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