JIU Hosts 9th Annual Wellness Exchange Day on Saturday, October 18

Welcome address from Chancellor Mizuta

Welcome address from Kamogawa Mayor Hasegawa

Greetings from student committee leader Shimizu

The ribbon cutting ceremony

Performing “Sakura Home”

Awa Takushin High School brass band performs

Children perform a hula dance

Faculty of Tourism dance team performs

Everyone joins in the dancing

Performance from the Togane brass band

Enjoying green tea with koto accompaniment

Dance performance from exchange students

Dance performance from exchange students

Pounding mochi

One of the many food vendors

One of the many food vendors

One of the many food vendors

One of the many food vendors

One of the many food vendors

One of the many food vendors

An event filled with smiles

Make the world smile!

On a cloudless Saturday, October 18, 2014, Josai International University"with the help of community support"held the 9th annual Faculty of Tourism Wellness Exchange Day. We would like to once again send a huge thank you to all those who participated.

Wellness Exchange Day provided a wonderful opportunity to strengthen ties with the local community, while communicating the idea that JIU is “everyone’s university.” This year’s theme was “Smile,” a communication tool that can be used to connect people across the globe. With the goal of sending our smiles across the world using Kamogawa’s charm and hospitality, we settled on the message, “Make the World Smile,” planning a variety of activities to make our participants glow with smiles.

JIU’s Togane brass band performed at the opening ceremony and, in accordance with the recent Mineoka Woodland Path Sakura Rehabilitation Project, played an adaptation of the cherry tree festival’s theme song, “Sakura Home.”

On the main stage, European exchange students performed folk song and dance, while the Togane and Awa Takushin high school brass bands also gave lively performances. Chinese exchange students provided a kung fu demonstration, and JIU dance team members entertained the audience with a dance performance and other games. The dance portion featured a choreographed dance and a special performance from the Faculty of Media Studies’ dance class. In addition, the 1st floor sub-stage also featured presentations from Faculty of Media students, song and dance from European exchange students, and other performances that created a distinctly international atmosphere.

Thanks to the help of Faculty of Tourism students and community members alike, there were even more concession stands than in the past and participants were able to enjoy a variety of different cuisine. The event also featured presentations of student work and introductions of their native culture from international students from China, Vietnam, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. The most gratifying thing of all, however, was glimpsing all the smiling faces spread across the Awa campus.

This year’s Wellness Exchange Day was a completely student planned and run event. I believe that each student benefited much from the experience of planning this event, managing and putting the plan into effect. We hope that this experience will be a valuable one, both for students’ academic life and for their future careers.

With the next year marking the 10th anniversary of the Faculty of Tourism, we’re planning for an even more rousing Wellness Exchange Day event than this year.

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