JIU Exchange Students Participate in Fall Cultural Exchange Seminar at Chiba’s Narita International High School

On Friday, October 24, twenty-eight exchange students from Josai International University participated in the Fall cultural exchange seminar held at Chiba’s Narita International High School to facilitate international understanding.

This year’s seminar focused on some of our many exchange students from Europe, with twelve students from Norway, three from Poland, three from Hungary, two from Slovakia, and two from Spain participating, in addition to two students from Canada, two from the United States, and two from China, making it a unique opportunity for international exchange and facilitating understanding of foreign cultures.

JIU students received an enthusiastic welcome from 1st year students upon arrival, and, after giving personal introductions before the entire class, divided into groups and began the seminar.

The seminar was characterized by a friendly atmosphere and featured prepared presentations on Japanese culture and the culture and language of the exchange students’ home countries.

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