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Comprehensive nursing education for global health professionals

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Our primary long-term educational objective is for students to develop their sense of consideration for others while paying attention to students' rational, inquisitive minds. This sense of consideration will enable nurses to assess patients various needs with compassion. A rational, inquisitive mind will also allow future nurses to understand patients' circumstances from a holistic viewpoint and thus discern the most appropriate course of action to take. In lectures and practicum alike, students are continuously encouraged to cultivate this combination: a considerate mind with rational scientific thought.

Students are also encouraged to study at overseas universities that have established cooperative exchange relationships with JIU. Therefore, the considerate and intelligent graduates of our faculty are expected not only to offer excellent support to their patients, but also to maintain cordial, friendly communication with people in their communities?from local residents to colleagues and visitors from around the world.

Education of global nursing for local communities


Established in April 2012, in collaboration with the local communities, the Faculty of Nursing at the Josai International University strives to champion global nursing and excel in a nursing education that is responsive to the needs of local communities. We dedicate ourselves to innovative nursing education, providing our students with exciting learning opportunities. These opportunities include: inspiring overseas study visits through collaboration and partnership with universities worldwide; outstanding clinical education through close partnerships with local, health care organizations; and dynamic, professional education through interdisciplinary collaborations in the university.

A unique curriculum to build students' capacity in nursing

The Faculty of Nursing at the Josai International University offers students a unique curricula composing of six fundamental streams. Students have different learning opportunities and can graduate one or all of the following: (1) internationally minded nurses with an awareness of global health; (2) clinical nurses with a wealth of pharmaceutical knowledge; (3) community health nurses who advocate social justice; (4) nurses with in-depth knowledge of disaster nursing; (5) public health nurses working towards a healthy community, and (6) school nurses who can promote the health of children and adolescents.


Experience warm-hearted relationships with people in the local community

Located in the Sanmu locality in Chiba prefecture, Josai International University has strong ties with the local community. The university is open to all members in the community and equally the community is open to our students. Through participation in various volunteer activities, JIU students have developed a warm sense of interconnectedness with the local people and have become truly community-minded. The close ties between community and school provide JIU students with the opportunity to become experts and leaders in community health in the Sanmu locality.


Nursing professionals ready for rewarding careers

All students completing the general nursing program at Josai International University, Faculty of Nursing qualify for the Japanese Registered Nurse Examination, and those completing the additional public health nursing curriculum are also able to sit the Japanese Public Health Nurse Examination. Also, students completing the course in school nursing within our curriculum are entitled to call themselves School Nurse, First Class. Josai International University plans to establish a Graduate School of Nursing in the near future, a facility that will further advance nursing education, research and practice.

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