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Practical tourism studies for globally minded students

Tourism for the community, country and the world

Established to meet the growing needs of both the domestic and inbound tourism industries in Japan, JIU Faculty of Tourism is one of only a handful of faculties in Japan dedicated to tourism and hospitality studies. By taking a practical and experiential approach to the study of tourism, while adopting international standards and methods, students can gain knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the tourism industry around the world. Based in a real-working tourist town, near the Tokyo metropolitan area, there are ample opportunities to discover tourism at the community, national and international scales.


A curriculum of practical and relevant tourism hospitality management studies

The curriculum at JIU integrates tourism knowledge and language studies with practical hands-on content provided by industry experts and highly qualified professionals. Students from abroad who are already proficient in Japanese can take the same core disciplines of hospitality management, hospitality service and regional studies as home students. For those less proficient in Japanese, the JIU Global College offers English medium parallel classes in hospitality and management. The classroom is complemented by; community-based project based learning; study geared towards officially recognized certificate qualifications; placements in internships; and an extensive network of partner institutes overseas. While staying in Japan the JIU personal advisor system provides students with all the necessary academic support to add more to the experience of learning.



■The curriculum

The curriculum

Study tourism and make new friends by the Pacific Ocean

The enjoyment of studying tourism at JIU is enhanced by the campus's international atmosphere and the local natural environment. At any time of the year, students from around the world can be found on campus meaning you're never far away from making new friends and connections; there are also various student activity clubs and other regular events to enjoy. In 2015 you'll have even more chances to make friends with the opening of the “Global Village” international students dormitory. Students can also gain valuable experience in local tourism and hospitality organizations through work-study and industrial internships. All these opportunities are set against the great natural backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.


Career opportunities and further study in tourism

There are many possible career opportunities for students once they graduate from the JIU Faculty of Tourism. You could use your new Japanese language skills and tourism knowledge to find employment here in Japan, or in your own country. Alternatively, post-graduate studies in tourism and administration are available at one of JIU's several graduate schools. Below are the testimonies of three of our recent graduates. Which one will you be?!

Zoltan (Budapest, Hungary)

Hello my name is Zoltan. I come from Hungary. At JIU Faculty of Tourism I had lots of opportunities to improve my Japanese, get to know local people, and gain experience in many social fields that helped me to reach my goal. I have always wanted to work for a Japanese airline company and the internship I participated in at ANA as a representative of JIU helped me to decide to look for job opportunities with ANA. After a long process, I was accepted as the first European freshman at ANA Sales, ANA's tourism branch. Since JIUs Awa Campus is like a big family, through my studies, and the job-hunting period I received much love and support not only from my teachers and office stuff but from everyone at JIU!

Kozue (Fukushima, Japan)

I am Kozue, I come from Fukushima. I have always been interested in foreign culture and during my time at JIU I had many chances to visit places on study tours and international internship. I even took part in the 6-month long Disney College Internship in Florida during my second year. I am now working for Miki Tourist, a company that specializes in European Tourism. I got this position thanks to the many different certificate qualifications I could take during my time at JIU, and the close support of friends and staff there.

Zhou (Dalian, PR China)

Hello everyone there! I'm Zhou, from China and I'm proud to say I was a member of Faculty of Tourism of Josai International University as an exchange student from 2012-2014. Recalling my 2 years in Kamogawa, it was one of the best periods of my student life. As a famous sightseeing spot of Chiba, It has wonderful scenery and the Faculty of Tourism offered me many opportunities to gain practical experience in Japan.
Now, I am aiming to become a hospitality management professional so I decided to enroll in the JIU Graduate School of International Administration. These days I am learning about international administration, the fundamentals of management, economic policy and much more. I hope to get more comprehensive knowledge about management help make my ambition come true.

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