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Founded in Togane City, Chiba prefecture in 1992, the Faculty of Management and Information Sciences has developed an educational program that aims to develop modern and practical business knowledge and awareness. Our faculty members at both the Togane and Tokyo campuses are recognized for their commitment to teaching and practical research. The Faculty of Management and Information Sciences offers you endless opportunities for intellectual and personal growth. It is a faculty where you will undoubtedly cultivate lifelong friends, mentors and potential future business colleagues who, when you need them, will advise and guide you throughout your life.

A curriculum combining a broad foundation of courses with deep specialization

Under the guidance of experts in the field of management, the curriculum at the Faculty of Management and Information Science emphasizes gaining general and universal management skills. This includes working in partnership with leading national and international companies across all business areas. Our students have unique opportunities to participate in internship programs at a range of organizations such as the construction industry’s Shimizu Corporation, Chiba Bank for banking and finance, All Nippon Airways for passenger and freight transportation, and Chiba Lotte Marines, a Japanese professional baseball team.


Student life

Li Xiaoying
Li Xiaoying

My name is Li Xiaoying from China. I'm 23 years old.
Last year, I came to Japan with my classmates and started studying the economy of Japan. Being very interested in Japanese people and culture, I enjoy Japanese way of living and campus life in JIU. In my senior year, I am thinking of the career that will be suitable for me. So I am working hard to make a good career choice by the end of my senior year.

Support for a wide range of careers

To date, over 6000 graduates from the Faculty of Management and Information Sciences have been placed in a wide range of business fields in over 10 countries worldwide. Many of these graduates have become leaders in global service companies.

My name is Wang Lingbo, I come from Hunan in China. I really enjoyed my time at JIU as we could learn through a lot of hands-on experience. One memorable experience was the visit to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and also having the opportunity to help support the victims of the big earthquake in 2011. While I was at JIU I had plenty of chances to get to know many Japanese people, improve my Japanese and through work placement I could even master polite forms of Japanese needed for customer service.

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    Wang Lingbo
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