Department of
Physical Therapy


Developing the necessary practical skills to become a physical therapist in today’s globalized society

Introduction to the Department of Physical Therapy

In April 2016, JIU established the Department of Physical Therapy within the current context of the rapid advancement and internationalization of the medical care field. It aims to nurture physiotherapists equipped with knowledge and skills in advanced medical treatment in order to work effectively in hospital and domestic healthcare teams.


As the field of physical therapy has expanded in recent years, there is a higher demand for physical therapists with specialized knowledge and skills. JIU’s physical therapy program educates students to acquire such knowledge and skills, making the most of its state-of-the-art devices and facilities.


All freshman students participate in our short-term training program held at California State University, Long Beach. Students visit CSU’s laboratory and medical facilities and receive lectures from experts in the field.


Through our sports therapy course, students learn the major approaches of physical therapy appropriate for specific injuries in each sport. Students also study respiratory function and endurance capability of athletes during exercise, and the results are provided for the athletes’ improved performances.

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