Josai International University's Mizuta Museum of Art opened, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the university's founding, on the 1st floor of the three-story Mizuta Memorial Library in April, 2001. The Mizuta Collection, the museum's holdings, began as a collection of over 200 paintings with a concentration on ukiyo-e works gathered together by Mizuta Mikio, statesman, educator, and founder of Josai University, an incorporated educational institution. The museum holds, in conjunction with university events, a Mizuta Collection exhibition in the spring and the autumn, as well as exhibitions with themes related to the university and the surrounding area or with subject matter associated with ukiyo-e. Lectures, informal talks, and gallery talks conducted by the museum's curatorial staff also are offered. Alongside the exhibitions and the talks, visitors can make use of the digital archive corner where they may enjoy a slide show or search the Mizuta Collection.
The Mizuta Museum of Art strives to be a place where students may further their studies, as well as a cultural institution where locals may spend their time.
Mizuta Mikio and the Road to the Mizuta Museum of Art
  1905 : April 13, Mizuta Mikio born in Chiba Prefecture, Awa County, Soro Village.
1946 : Runs in the 22nd election for a seat in the House of Representatives as a member of the Liberal Party; his first election.
1960 : 1st Ikeda Cabinet, becomes Minister of Finance; after this, for seven consecutive terms over a period of twelve years, serves as Minister of Finance.
1965 : Founds Josai University, an incorporated educational institution (Saitama Prefecture, Sakado City); becomes the university's first chief director and chancellor.
1973 : In China, holds a Katsushika Hokusai exhibition; visits China as the lead delegate in a Japan-China cultural exchange effort
1976 : December 22, untimely death due to illness at age 71.
Mizuta Collection donated to the incorporated educational institution, Josai University.
Mizuta Museum of Art at Josai University opens.
1992 : Josai International University (Chiba Prefecture, Togane City) opens
1998 : Gallery established on the 3rd floor of the Administration Building of Josai International University; spring and autumn Mizuta Collection special exhibitions begin.
2001 : Tenth anniversary of the opening of Josai International University; Mizuta Museum of Art, Josai International University opens on the 1st floor of the Library Building.
The Mizuta Collection
In an essay entitled, gThe Joy of Ukiyo-e,h collector Mizuta Mikio wrote that with ukiyo-e, gfondness for history reveals itselfh and as feelings of glove for the common folkh spring forth ( by looking at ukiyo-e ), one becomes captivated entirely by images of people and genre scenes. Including nine Sharaku works, the Mizuta collection, which centers on actor portraits and beautiful women pictures, is composed of works that systematically follow the development of ukiyo-e, in paintings and prints, from Hishikawa Moronobu, extending to the Torii school, Katsukawa school, Utamaro, Hokusai, etc. down to the late Tokugawa and Meiji eras.      
Exhibitions and Associated Events
Mizuta Collection Exhibitions: Spring (April -May), Autumn (November)
Theme Exhibitions: Spring (May-July), Autumn (September-October)
Lectures and talks are offered during the run of the exhibition.
Museum Information
Hours: 10 AM to 4PM, Tuesday through Saturday
Entrance Fee: None All are welcome to come in and explore.
Closed on: Sundays; Mondays; holidays; the Anniversary of the Universityfs Opening (April 28); University Closure Period (August); Entrance Examination Period (December through March); and Periods between Exhibitions.
By train: take either the JR Sotobo Line to Oami Station or the JR Sobu Main Line to Naruto Station; change trains and take the JR Togane Line; get off at Gumyo Station; 5 minute walk to the university.
By car: take either the Keiyo Highway or the Tateyama Expressway to the Chiba-higashi Junction; from there, enter the Togane Toll Road; exit at Togane and take National Highway (Route) 126 in the direction of Naruto for about 20 minutes; at the signal at Josai International University Mae, turn right.
Shuttle Bus Service Available from: JR Tokyo Station, JR Nishifunabashi Station; JR Kisarazu Station, JR Soga Station, JR Oami Station, JR Naruto Station, Keisei Narita Station.
Campus parking lots are available for use.
Student cafeterias (Tochi Terrace, Fu Terrace) and the university staff cafeteria (Puraton Terrace, Central Building 3rd Floor) are open to the public.
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