The Center's Objectives and Activities

About Student Recruitment and Examination

JIU recruits our students in various ways. Aside from recruiting students through entrance examinations and recommendations from high schools, JIU recruits students through special recommendation from schools such as high schools overseas and Japanese languages schools where JIU already has special arrangements. JIU will also arrange entrance exams and interviews overseas.

Educational Support

JIU assists foreign students with many customized courses such as content courses especially for foreign students, Japanese Language Proficiency Test preparatory classes and JTB (JETRO Business) Japanese test preparatory classes. Through many of our courses specially designed for foreign students, JIU assists students in developing their Japanese language skills, English language skills and deeper understanding of Japanese culture and society.

Living Assistance

JIU assists foreign students in many ways. JIU offers foreign students a variety of information regarding scholarships and part time employment. JIU also supports students through the “International Student’s Dormitory system”, the “Guarantor of Residence system”, the “Host Family system”, and the specially designed “Work Study Program” for foreign students.

Employment Assistant

JIU periodically holds employment preparatory lectures and interview sessions for foreign students who want to work in Japan. JIU works closely with distinguished companies and specialist employment agencies in order to give opportunities to foreign students. JIU also provides recruiting information about Japanese companies for students who would like to work in their own countries.


JIU periodically offers information about the international student center’s activities such as the arrival of new foreign students, extra curricular activities and parties involving people in the local area via JIU newsletters, the homepage, open lectures and information provided to students’ parents.

Registration Management

JIU will responsibly manage for students all their activities and the progress of their studies in order to assure a safe and better experience in Japan. JIU will look after necessary documents such as visa renewal qualifications, and dormitory management and attendance. This information will then be passed on to the student’s families, which creates a secure atmosphere for studying abroad.