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Center for International Education
Welcome to the Center for International Education and the Center for International Students at Josai International University (JIU). Our University was founded in 1992 with 360 students and now we have more than 6000. We are very proud to have an international student body of 20% with students from countries including Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Malaysia, Norway, Peru, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam. We are here to assist all international students who have chosen to study with us and also all Japanese students who are preparing to study at our sister universities around the world. Please enjoy your studies at JIU and make your years here some of the best in your life.


Center for International Education
Executive Director, Simon Peter BAHAU
          Professor (Specially Appointed)          
I hail from Papua New Guinea (PNG), my South Pacific homeland in Oceania. Japan came into my life in 1975 when I received two postcards from my uncle who was participating in technical training in Japan. Depicted on the postcards were Mount Fuji and a sumo wrestler. These postcards were a mysterious combination that sparked an interest and changed my life completely. Thanks to the Japanese Monkasho, I landed at Narita, Chiba, on the day Disneyland was opened. Again, I am based here at JIU, which is reachable from both these famous places here in Chiba after almost 4 decades away adventuring in education, corporate world, welfare, and then higher education extending support and guidance. I shall do all I can within my limited capacities as a former international student to assist in making your choice and stay here with us worthwhile and memorable on our campus and this land. Do take a leap and see what the world holds for you!

Roro (Paitana) Language (One of the 860+ languages spoken in PNG)

Au hana ‘aku paka rarina ‘akina aonai Papua Niugini hanopakanai arama. E’u Siapani ena baitabuasi hana itau 1975 aonai ua’u hauna emai ena technical training ina’a ebabaina hana postcard aubaauba kia rua esiuasi temai here’uai. Hamona hana ekia kobio rarina ‘akina Fuji kobiona, ha hana Sumo wrestler ina itehoma ekia baira’u haukia rarikia ‘akikia. Aubaauba ineiakia aitanakia hana matoha e’u mauri ehaeai baita. Ekia kavamani scholarship tebena’u amai Narita paraimisi ‘ekanai ariri hana Disneyland te a’ikauna wapunai. Bariu haeamona amue amai ‘eka ineianai e’u bamarere haeamona aka ‘ekana JIU hana ‘eka rua ineakia herekia ‘akinai. Matoha itau harau haea bani ‘abana amarere, kampeniai aka, bamarere ‘ekakiai abamarere, bamarere haukai heamona marere miorikia abarainakia emai mo bariu. Uabonai e’u ‘iobi papakia ineiakia hana ‘aba kate baraina’u wai tai ki’ami bariu katomai ina itohoma haumi emi barai barai ai keao hana e’u aonamo ‘ekana tohana. A’i tomo raonaraona kiabaha tomokarasi hanopaka tomotoana tomoitana!

Professor, Toake Endoh
      Graduate School of International Administration      
Howdy!I currently teach international relations and political science at Graduate School of International Affairs at JIU's Kioicho campus. A native to Japan, I spent more than half of my life in the United States, including New York City, Cambridge (MA), Austin (TX), and Hawai'i, as a graduate student and teaching/research faculty. To be honest, my " ryugakusei" life was not pleasant at all, rife with hardships in catching up with overloading class assignments and class discussions (in which everyone except me seemed uber-smart) or paying rent and on grocery (one time I was diagnosed "mal-nutritioned"). What fruit did I harvest from the austere student life abroad? Masters' and doctoral degrees from an Ivy League school?, may be; desired jobs in academia and business in America and Japan?, perhaps; life-long friendship with fabulous people of diverse cultural background across the world?, absolutely YES!! I hope you will also seek invaluable and limitless opportunities in study-abroad.

Center for International Education
            Deputy Director, Wei Gong           


Vice-President, Admissions Office Director, Takeshi Goto Ph.D.
              Faculty of Nursing              
I’ve been in charging of planning overseas educational programs for the Faculty of Nursing I belong to and also following exchange programs for JIU. Before joining JIU, I’d engaged R&D including planning and licensing for a pharmaceutical company for 17 years. At that time, I’d studied abroad for two years at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Leiden University in The Netherlands. I’ve been to Hungary 6 times, total 5 months, to learn “Emergency Nursing” with JIU and Semmelweis University students as a chaperone at the department of Health Sciences and some hospitals in Budapest. Studying abroad is not only to learn something and make friends of various countries, but also to understand your own country more deeply and have life-long friends even if coming from the same country, as you have hard time together in the foreign country. will become friends for the rest of your life. I hope you learn a lot of things and enjoy your life in the foreign country. We are always stand by you. This is the photo with my student’s family when I visited Rwanda last year. If not COVID-19 pandemic, we would have the new overseas program this summer. Thank you! 

所属している看護学部ではいろいろと海外研修を企画しています。JIUに来る前は、製薬企業で研究開発から企画・ライセンシングなどに携わっていました。その時にオランダライデン大学薬学部に2年間滞在してました。看護学部の多くの海外研修の中では、ハンガリーを担当しており、下見を含め6回ハンガリーに行ってます。約1か月間の救急医療に関する研修をブダペストにあるセンメルワイス大学の学生とともに実施してます。 留学で得られるものは、学びや様々な国の人と友達になるだけでなく、母国をより深く理解し、そこで一緒に苦労した仲間は、たとえ同じ国からであっても一生の友達を得ることになります。是非、留学で多くのことを学び、異国の地の生活を楽しんでください。私たちはいつでも応援しています。 写真は、昨年ルワンダで私のアドバイジーのご家族と撮ったものです。新型コロナ感染拡大がなければ、今年からルワンダ大学・ルワンダの幼稚園小学校での研修を在ルワンダ大使館やJICAのサポートで海外協力隊とともに実施する予定にしてました。

Japanese Studies Program
Director, Yasue Hara
         Chief, Japanese Language Education         
Hello. I have been engaged in Japanese language education for international students at JIU for a number of years. I started my career in Japanese language teaching at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. Whether or not you can successfully master a foreign language depends on various factors, but I think the most important thing is "interest" and "continuation." The teachers' influence might be very small. The reason why it has been possible for me to teach Japanese language for so many years is the gratitude for international students who choose Japanese language among many languages. Learning a second language is a good opportunity to look into another world, which, I think, will lead to world peace. I look forward to meeting many international students. By the way, I love growing vegetables and watching birds and animals.


Tomoko Hirose
     Center for International Education (Outbound team)     
Hello! My name is Tomoko Hirose from the Center for International Education at the Tokyo Kioicho Campus. I spent a year in Sydney, Australia, when I was in my twenties, where I worked both for a Japanese company and a language school while I was studying English at the school. These experiences have greatly impacted my current work and lifestyle. At the Center for International Education, I am in charge of the administration of JEAP, the exchange programs, and the global programs. Whether you are planning to study abroad from JIU or planning to come to JIU from an overseas university, please feel absolutely free to contact me at the Center for International Education with any questions or concerns that you might have.


Satoko Hoshino
        Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing        
I have been teaching Basic Nursing Skills in the Faculty of Nursing here at JIU since 2012. I lived in the United States with my family for three years when I was a child. This experience is now very helpful for me. I’m involved with the nursing training program at the University of California, Riverside in the United States, and at Monash University in Australia. Our JIU nursing students wish to communicate with international students and study abroad so they may be more globally competitive. I hope we can promote more opportunities for international students and nursing students to interact with each other and learn about the world.

こんにちは。私は2012年に開設された看護学部で主に基礎看護学を担当しています。その他、1年生のアメリカ研修、4年生のオーストラリア研修にも関わってきました。 私自身は、父の仕事の関係で、小学3年生~5年生までアメリカで過ごした経験があります。看護の道に進み、しばらく海外のことから離れていましたが、今こうして国際大学に勤務し海外研修に教員として携わるようになり、改めて幼いころに異文化を経験したことが今の自分を支えてくれています。看護学部には、留学生との交流を望み、将来留学や海外で活躍する“グローバルナース”を目指している学生もいます。留学生と看護学部生を繋ぐお手伝いができたら嬉しく思います。

Center for International Students
Director, Maria Shiguemi Ichiyama
Professor, Faculty of International Humanities
      (Department of International Exchange Studies)      
I was born in Brazil and lived there until my third year of college. After that, I became an international student in the United States. I was in graduate school when I decided to work in Japan for one year. It’s been almost three decades now, but I do not regret my decision. I have had great pleasure teaching Japanese and international students in both undergraduate and graduate school. They are now parents, professionals, and exemplar global citizens. I hope that you, too, will take advantage of all opportunities that you’ll be provided with both on and off campus to learn from your peers, professors and the people of Japan.

Benvindos a Josai International University. Nasci e morei no Brasil até o terceiro ano da faculdade. Mudei para os Estados Unidos e durante o curso de pós-graduação decidi aceitar a oferta para trabalhar nesta universidade nova no Japão. Não me arrependo da minha decisão pois na minha carreira de quase 30 anos aqui dei aulas para alunos do mundo inteiro. Hoje eles são pais, profissionais em várias áreas e cidadões exemplars do mundo. Espero que você também aproveitem todas as oportunidades que terão aqui para aprenderem com amigos, professores e com os japoneses.                    

Hidekazu Iwamoto
        Associate Professor, Faculty of Tourism        
I teach in the Faculty of Tourism. My research field is inbound tourism with a focus on MICE (Meeting, Incentive Travel, Convention, Event). I have supervised short-term programs in both Malaysia and Taiwan. These programs reaffirm the importance for our students to have overseas experience, cultural exchanges, and also to see the tourist destinations. By studying abroad, taking part in overseas training programs, and simply traveling, I'd like for you to have great experiences not only in Japan but around the world.

こんにちは、岩本英和と申します。私は観光学部で主に観光概論を担当しています。 研究テーマは、国際観光を主に研究をしております。学部では、これまで海外研修としてこれまでマレーシア研究、台湾研修を体験し、改めて国際交流の大切さを学びました。また観光地の素晴らしさも実感しました。大学では、ぜひ海外留学や海外研修、そして旅行を通じて、国際交流や観光地の素晴らしさを体験してもらいたいと思います。

Haruki Kobayashi
     Center for International Education (Inbound team)     



Yingqing Li
Associate professor, Faculty of International Humanities
     (Department of International Exchange Studies)     


Rino Miyazawa
     Center for International Education (Outbound team)     
안녕하세요. 저는 한국에 유학경험이 있으므로, 한국유학에 대한 질문이 있으시면 언제든지 문의해 주세요. 물론 다른 나라에 관한 질문도 문의해주세요. 재가 있는 국제교육센터에는 유학에 관한 자료가 많이 있으니까 언제든지 보러 와주세요! 그리고 지금 이것을 읽은 유학생!!! 여기에는 한국에 관심이 있는 사람이 엄청 많아요. 같이 수업을 받는 학생에 말을 걸어 보세요. 아마 친구가 될거에요. 뭔가 있으면, 저는 국제교육센터에 있으니까 저한테 말해주세요. 친구랑 화해하고 싶다. 맛집을 알고 싶다. 그냥 심심하다. 아므거나 괜찮아요 와주세요~:)재미있는 유학생활을 보내주세요!!!!


Emi Mori
     Center for International Education (Outbound team)     
To All JIU Students Who Are Interested in Studying Abroad:
Which country would you like to study in and for how long? What would you like to learn there?
I am here to help you with your application procedures for the Study-Abroad Program. Moreover, I am here to support you from the time you leave Japan until the time of your safe return. I have visited Victoria (Canada), Taipei (Taiwan), Seoul and Incheon (South Korea), where some of JIU’s partner institutions are located. Please feel free to contact me any time. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about JEAP (Josai International Education Abroad Program).
Please come and visit us at the Center for International Education!


Yuka Omori
Associate professor, Faculty of International Humanities
         (Department of Inter-cultural Studies)        
My field is American literature and I teach intercultural understanding through American literature and culture. Before coming to JIU, I taught English at a science university. It was the biggest cross-cultural experience for me to work as a researcher in literature there. This made me think what the meaning of non-practical literature would be in learning. This experience has been very helpful in discussing cross-cultural understanding and diversity with my students. Leaving your familiar environment and experiencing different cultures will help you find something that really matters to you.

Ma spécialité est la littérature américaine, donc j'enseigne la compréhension interculturelle à travers la littérature et la culture américaines. Avant de venir au JIU, j'avais enseigné l'anglais dans une université des sciences. C'était la plus grande expérience interculturelle pour moi de travailler comme chercheur en littérature là-bas. Cela m'a fait réfléchir à la signification de la littérature non pratique dans l'apprentissage. Cette expérience interculturelle a été très utile pour discuter de la compréhension et de la diversité interculturelles avec mes élèves. Quitter votre environnement familier et découvrir différentes cultures vous aidera à trouver quelque chose qui compte vraiment pour vous.

Jiro N. Plutschow
         Professor, Faculty of Media Studies         
Hi. Though my nationality is Swiss, I have lived most of my life in Japan and in the US. Throughout my childhood I enjoyed learning about different cultures and arts which ended up being my focus of study. My field here at JIU is Music in the Faculty of Media teaching composition for various media and also music technology related classes. I’m also a part of International Student Center helping foreign students with their studies and life here in Japan.

Hallo. Obwohl meine nationalität Schweizer ist, habe ich den größten teil meines lebens in Japan und in den USA verbracht. Während meiner kindheit lernte ich gerne verschiedene kulturen und künste kennen, die schließlich mein studienschwerpunkt waren. Mein fach hier an der JIU ist musik an der fakultät für medien, die komposition für verschiedene medien und auch musiktechnologische klassen unterrichtet. Ich bin auch teil des International Student Center und helfe ausländischen studenten bei ihrem studium und ihrem leben hier in Japan.


International Education Committee
Chair, Tomoko Sano, PhD.
Professor, Faculty of Social Work Studies
         (Department of Social Work Studies)         
I studied in California for one and half months when I was 18. Despite it being such a short period, I met so many people of different cultural backgrounds, nationalities, ages, values and so on, and learned a lot. Because of this experience, I chose working here. It is my great pleasure to make opportunities for students to participate in exchange programs. There are certain things that you can learn by going abroad, not online. Take the opportunity to study abroad! We will do our best to make sure you have wonderful experiences.

私は18歳のときにカリフォルニアの大学へ短期留学をしました。1カ月半という短い期間でしたが,さまざまな文化的背景,年齢層,価値観などをもった人々に出会い,非常に多くのことを学びました。このときの経験があったからこそ,現在の仕事に就いたのかもしれません。日本人学生と国際学生の交流の機会を作る ことに大きな喜びを感じております。実際に海外に行ってからこそ学べることがあります。それはオンラインだけでは学べないことです。是非,異なる文化で学びましょう!皆さん方が素晴らしい経験が出来るようサポートします。

Hidehisa Sasaki
     Associate professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences     
Hello! Five years ago, I went on a three-week research trip to Europe with 42 pharmaceutical students. We traveled to five countries: England, Germany, Austria, Italy and France. We visited a long-term care welfare facility, the Deutsches Apotheken Museum and a university to learn about the differences between Japan and these countries. In particular, the interaction with university students in Germany stimulated the students after the research trip. Please come to JIU to learn and be inspired!


Hirokazu Shiode
      Associate professor, Center for Language Education      
I conduct research about societies in South China, especially Cantonese speaking communities such as Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong Province. When I was a postgraduate student at Keio University, I was an exchange student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong for one academic year. Later on, in the 1980s, I worked at the Centre for the Progress of Peoples for 5 years. This is a Roman Catholic based international NGO in Hong Kong. My current research projects are on non-Cantonese speakers in Cantonese speaking societies, and the social cost of gambling.

語学教育センターの塩出浩和です。 マカオ・香港・広東省など中国南部の地域研究をしています。 香港に5年間住んでいました。1年は、The Chinese University of HongKong での留学、4年は、Centre for the Progress of Peoples (カトリック系の国際機関) で働いていました。この機関のマレーシア事務所長としてKuala Lumpur に1年滞在しました。 近年、海外留学する日本人が減っています。チャンスを活かしてぜひ留学してほしいものです。 最近は「カジノの社会的費用」・「非広東語話者の広東社会への適応」・「中国南部出身者の日本社会適応」などの課題を研究しています。

Naoki Taguchi
      Center for International Education (Inbound team)    
I myself have experience living in Connecticut, USA, for 5 years and Sydney, Australia, for 5 years when I was a child. During my period in America, I was a child who could speak English more freely than Japanese, and I think my senses were so-called “a foreign child." When I returned to Japan, I was confused at the many differences from my school life abroad. Why do I have to line up for attending assembly? Why can't I have lunch outside? The differences I experienced were a bit stressful and it took me some time to adjust. Living overseas is often fun and exciting, but it can be tough sometimes. The Center for International Education (and Center for International Students) welcomes all international students. If you have any concerns or need any help during your stay at JIU, please feel free to come to our Center anytime so that we can talk and work out a solution together!!


Yuki Takinami
      Associate Professor, Faculty of Media Studies      
I teach in the Media Studies here at JIU. I received my Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. My research was on Japanese silent cinema, particularly the influence of American cinema on Japanese film during the 1920s and 1930s, focusing on the well- known film author of Japan, Yasujiro Ozu. While my field is in classical cinema, I am teaching about more recent media, including anime, music video, and the Internet. Looking forward to seeing you here at JIU.

わたしは滝浪佑紀と申します。メディア論を教えています。アメリカのシカゴ大学で博士過程を修了しました。研究テーマは、日本のサイレント映画、とりわけ1920年代と1930年代におけるアメリカ映画の影響です。世界的に有名な映画監督の小津安二郎を中心に研究をしています。わたしの専門は古典的映画ですが、最 近のメディアについても研究をおこなっています。アニメ、ミュージックヴィデオ、インターネットなどです。わたしは、文化交流と多様性は重要だと信じています。さまざまな文化的背景を持つみなさんと勉強できることを楽しみにしています。

International Education Committee
Vice Chair, Kimihito Tashima, PhD.
    Associate professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences    
I have been teaching in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at JIU since 2005. Before coming here, I worked as a researcher in the United States. I had many opportunities to work and have discussions with lab members from various countries including the US, Spain, Turkey, China, and South Korea. I treasure those experiences outside Japan. Now our university has a large number of international students from many countries, and we have many chances to share our experiences. I encourage you to have an adventure and be global citizens on our campus.


Koichiro Usuki
     Center for International Education (Inbound team)     
Hello. Before entering JIU, I worked for a private enterprise and an international NGO. I was mainly involved in disaster relief activities in Japan and overseas in countries such as Myanmar, Indonesia, Pakistan, and in the Tohoku disaster area. I also worked on Japanese language education for Vietnamese technical intern trainees and supported their daily lives. When I was a junior high school student, I lived in Seoul, Korea (Japanese school). Therefore, I’m interested in foreign cultures, especially Asian cultures. In my university days, I studied Vietnamese at a university in Vietnam (Hanoi), and I received a Master's Degree from a university in the Philippines (Manila). My best memory of studying abroad is traveling across Vietnam by motorcycle alone, so backpacking trip is one of my hobbies even now. I used to belong to baseball clubs until I was a university student, so I like sports very much. If you have any questions about studying abroad and international cooperation, please feel free to come to the Center for International Education.

Xin chào các bạn! Trước khi làm việc tại trường đại học Quốc Tế Josai (JIU), tôi đã từng công tác tại các công ty tư nhân và các tổ chức NGO quốc tế, cũng như tham gia các hoạt động cứu hộ thiên tai trong và ngoài Nhật Bản, như là khu vực đông bắc Nhật Bản và Myanmar, Indonesia, Pakistan. Tôi cũng đã từng dạy tiếng Nhật và hỗ trợ đời sống cho thực tập sinh kỹ năng người Việt Nam. Khi còn là học sinh cấp hai, Tôi sống ở Seoul, Hàn Quốc (trường dành cho học sinh Nhật), vì vậy tôi quan tâm đến văn hóa nước ngoài, đặc biệt là văn hóa châu Á. Khi còn là sinh viên đại học, tôi đã đi du học và học tiếng Việt tại trường đại học Quốc Gia Hà Nội, và đã tốt nghiệp cao học ở Manila, Philippines, vì vậy bất cứ khi nào bạn cần được hỗ trợ/ tư vấn về các vấn đề du học và hợp tác quốc tế xin hãy đến Trung tâm Giáo dục Quốc tế nhé. Kỷ niệm đẹp nhất khi tôi đi du học là đi xuyên Việt bằng xe máy một mình, vì vậy du lịch một mình là một trong những sở thích của tôi. Tôi đã tham gia câu lạc bộ bóng chày cho đến khi còn là sinh viên đại học nên tôi rất thích thể thao. Thân ái!

こんにちは。JIUに入職する前は民間企業や国際NGOで働き、主にミャンマー、インドネシア、パキスタン、東北被災地などの国内外で、災害支援活動をしてきました。またベトナム人技能実習生への日本語教育や、生活支援をする仕事もしてきました。中学時代の3年間を韓国ソウル (日本人学校) で過ごしたことなどもあり、外国の文化、特にアジアの文化に興味があります。私も大学時代はベトナム (ハノイ) の大学に留学し、フィリピン (マニラ) の大学院で修士課程を修了したため、留学や国際協力などについての相談がありましたら、いつでも国際教育センターに来てください。留学の一番の思い出は、ベトナム単独縦断バイクの旅で、今でもバックパッカー旅が趣味のひとつとなっています。大学まで野球部に所属していましたので、スポーツが大好きです。よろしくお願いします。

Yan Wang
       Professor, Center for International Education       

皆さん、こんにちは! 私は中国の大学を卒業後、仕事や研究のために何度か来日して日本で生活した経験があります。そして10年前には、留学生として城西国際大学に在籍し、比較文化に関する研究を行っておりました。海外での生活は、留学生にとって期待が多い半面、不安もいっぱいだと思いますが、少しでもその不安を取り除き、皆さんが素晴らしい留学生活を送れるようできる限りのサポートをします。是非、JIUへの留学をご検討下さい!そして素敵な留学生活を経験してください!

Junichi Watari
Center for International Education / Japanese Studies Program office
 Acting Administrative Director 
I have participated in the Japan-U.S. Bilateral Training and Peace Keeping Operation in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. I think foreign languages such as English are necessary tools to communicate with people from all over the world. In order to share objectives and cooperate with foreigners, it is essential to recognize the differences between the cultures of other countries and our own, and to respect each other's backgrounds. In order to better understand cultural differences, it is important to know about our own country's culture. I believe that the first step to become a global citizen is to take a fresh look at Japan. Join JIU and see the world!


Center for Language Education
Director, Tim Woolstencroft
   Associate Professor, Faculty of Social and Environmental Studies   
I was born in England and grew up in Northern Ireland and Northern England. After graduating from Law School, I started working as a lawyer. Eventually, my desire to go traveling and see the world beyond a Manchester law office got the better of me, and I left. After working in France and the USA, I retrained as an English teacher. My first overseas job brought me to Hiroshima, Japan. More than 25 years later I am still in Japan and still love teaching. Living in a foreign country allows me to learn more about the culture I am living in, about my home culture and also learn more about myself. I feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with people from all over the world and to learn from them, too.

Xiaoli Wu
    Professor, Faculty of Management and Information Sciences    
我来自中国北京。 我的专业是第二语言习得研究和跨文化交际学。 现在有许多留学生选修了我在本科开设的【跨文化交际论】。而选修研究生院的【翻译/口译理论】课的基本上都是留学生。我在教这些课的时候一直希望,通过对日本文化的理解和学习跨文化适应的技巧对大家的留学生活会有所帮助。此外,我深信以跨文化交际的观点学习翻译理论对留学生将来的职业生涯会有一定的影响。我诚挚地期望大家能够在这里度过愉快而充实的留学生活。

中国北京の出身です。 私の専門分野は第二言語習得研究と異文化コミュニケーション学です。 現在、担当している学部の「異文化適応論」と大学院の「翻訳学通訳学」の授業では、留学生の履修者がとても多いです。このような授業で日本文化への理解や異文化適応の仕方を学ぶことによって皆さんの留学生活に少しでも役に立てればと日々考えております。また、異文化コミュニケーションの視点から学ぶ翻訳・通訳学は皆さんの将来のキャリアにもつながると信じております。 この大学で楽しく実りのある留学生活を過ごして頂くよう心より期待しております。

Tadashi Yamazaki
   Associate professor, Faculty of Social and Environmental Studies   
Hello everyone. I am currently in charge of lectures on business strategy and marketing at JIU. I had the opportunity to study in London, England in my early twenties. After that, I was involved in a lot of international project in my subsequent work. Mainly for marketing and advertising companies, the tasks of thinking about marketing strategies for foreign companies entering the Japanese market and advertising strategies for multiple countries with different cultures were very rewarding. The important and basic thing is to meet and communicate with people from various countries. By overcoming the language and cultural barriers, you can see a very dynamic international world. By all means, let's learn the international sense at JIU.


Zeyu Yang
 Associate Professor, Faculty of Management and Information Sciences 
本校就读同学及对本校感兴趣的各位,大家好! 我叫杨泽宇,现在我校经营及信息管理学部担任民事法的教学工作。从80年代最初来日时准备学几年后回国到现在,不知不觉中30多年的岁月已流逝。 当初的抱负及理想已经大多失忆,那些不同时间段构筑的友情及自己全身心投入的事等却还能成为我不多的值得回忆的精神食粮。 不知现在的在校同学们是否在本校找到可努力的目标或可深交的朋友否?路就在你的脚下,加油! 我相信游览这个网页各位能看出我校在培养国际视野学生方面所作的努力及实践,希望对我校设置的各个学科/专业有兴趣的各位也能对我校培养国际视野学生之理念有共感并加入这个大家庭!

 在校生及び本学に興味を感じる諸君へ  私は楊沢宇です。現在本学経営情報学部で民事法学の教学を担当しております。80年代日本に留学し、数年が経ったら帰国するつもりでしたら、あっという間30年以上の歳月も過ぎ去りました。  当初の抱負や理想を思い出せるものが僅かだが、時間の流れの中築いた友情及び懸命に努力したこと等は、思い出または精神の食糧となっております。  在校生の皆さんは本学で努力目標や友情を見つけたのでしょうか?道は君たちの足元にあり、自力で見つけあれ!  またこのページを閲覧した学外の各位は、本学の国際視野を持った学生の育成に払った努力や実践したものを見て取れるであろう。本学が設けた各学科や専門教育に興味を感じた各位には、本学の国際学生育成の教学理念に共感して頂き、また本学の一員となることを期待してやまないであります。

Yuka Yokoi
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Work Studies
          (Department of Physical Therapy)          
When I was a high school student, I was not good at English and never thought that I would live and study abroad. The reason that I left Japan was just that I wanted to be a better physical therapist for my patients, and the answer was just there “beyond the sea.” And now I teach Physical Therapy at this University. I hope many of you will experience “where there’s a will, there’s a way” through the life at JIU. We all are very happy to have you here.


Hang Yu
        Associate Professor, Faculty of Tourism