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The deadline for ASP 2022 registration has been extended to July 8, 2022 (Friday), and the deadline for payment of the participation fee has been extended to July 12, 2022 (Tuesday). We warmly encourage more students to apply and to join us at the ASP 2022

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What is ASP 2022?

ASP is an international summer program focusing on topics relevant to Asia. This year, as with ASP 2021, it will be held fully online.

The theme for ASP 2022 is "On the path to inclusion, diversity and understanding" and the aim is to foster future leaders with a strong understanding of Asian cultures, a broad and creative mindset, and a talent for international collaboration.

When is ASP 2022?

July 25 (Monday) to August 1 (Monday)

Where is ASP 2022?

Josai International University (JIU) is the host of ASP 2022.

JIU opened in April 1992 and we are immensely proud to host ASP 2022 in our 30th-anniversary year. JIU prides itself on its youthful ambition and energy, on its commitment to forming the characters of young people with dreams and noble visions of working for the benefit of both local and international communities. The university is guided by the spiritual legacy of its founder, a mission of "character building through learning", in helping students to make themselves responsible individuals and members of society at large.

ASP 2022 will take place online hosted from JIU’s Chiba Togane and Tokyo Kioicho campuses. The Chiba Togane campus, situated on the Pacific coast to the east of Tokyo, provides a comfortable and relaxed place to study surrounded by nature and greenery. In contrast, the Tokyo Kioicho campus lies at the very heart of Japan’s bustling metropolitan capital city.

Who will be participating in ASP 2022?

Undergraduate and graduate students from the original five universities that started the program, as well as students from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, the Secretariat of the AUPF, and students from JIU's sister institutions.


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