ASP 2022: On the path to inclusion, diversity and understanding

Program Goals

  • To promote opportunities for participants to learn together and further develop their global networks.
  • To promote opportunities to reflect upon, and have discussions about, diversity and inclusion in Asia.
  • To provide opportunities that allow participants to fully understand the challenges facing the world today and develop the skills necessary for the promotion and advancement of a globalized society that is truly inclusive and diverse.

Program Structure

  • Participants are required to take both Course A (eleven 90-minute classes) and Course B (eleven 90-minute classes) online.
  • Participation in the activities are an important part of the program but are not required.
  • Materials to better prepare students to participate in discussions will be available on Manaba one month before the program starts. (A total of 8 class periods.).
  • Participants will work in groups and give a final presentation on August 1. Evaluations will be done by faculty members and participating students. Awards will be given to the best presentations.

All schedules are on Japan Standard Time [JST]
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Program Information | ASP2022

Schedule: July 25-August 1

Program Fee: 12,000yen

Program Application Procedure and Deadline: June 24

The deadline for ASP 2022 registration has been extended to July 8, 2022 (Friday), and the deadline for payment of the participation fee has been extended to July 12, 2022 (Tuesday). We warmly encourage more students to apply and to join us at the ASP 2022!

Course A: Critical issues in social equity and sustainable development
I. Diversity, equity and inclusion in healthcare

Prof. Kenji Sugibayashi President, Josai International University

Prof. Junko Miyazawa Dean, Faculty of Nursing

Prof. Tomoko Sano Professor, Faculty of Social Welfare Studies

II. Population Matters: Issues and Resolutions (3 classes)

Prof. Angel Figueroa Assistant Professor, Center for Language Education

III. Advocating for Gender Equality and Inclusiveness (3 classes)

Prof. Tricia Fermin Assistant Professor, Center for Language Education

IV. Sustainability in Business (2 classes)

Prof. Shigeru Matsumoto Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration

*Course description and introduction of faculty members are in document Course A.

Course B: Japanese Culture and Society
I. Japanese Literature and Culture from an Ecological Perspective (2 classes)

Prof. Koichi Haga Chair, Graduate School of Humanities

II. Current Trends in Japanese Popular Culture (3 classes)

Prof. Yasuhiro Omoto Associate Professor, Center for Language Education

III. Practical Japanese Communication (3 classes)

Prof. Miyuki Hatori Assistant Professor, Center for Language Education

IV. Elements of Modern Japanese Society (3 classes)

Prof. Tim Woolstencroft Director, Center for Language Education Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanities

*Course description and introduction of faculty members are in document Course B.

Souvenirs for all Participants

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