Graduate School of

Graduate School of Humanities

The Graduate School of Humanities operates under the theme of "shaping humanity with academics" to develop advanced specialist staff and researchers with a broad interdisciplinary perspective and international communication skills. It also aims for objective activity in a diversified society, and for development of human resources that can contribute to creation of a new society.

The M.A. program includes Women's Studies, Inter-Cultural Studies, and Global Communication, while the Ph.D. program includes Comparative Cultures, creating an environment conducive to interdisciplinary research in the M.A. to Ph.D. programs.

M.A. Program

Women's Studies / Inter-Cultural Studies / Global Communication

Ph.D Program

Comparative Cultures

  • Research themes:
    Comparativegendertheory, communicationbetweendifferent cultures, international cooperation and exchanges, comparative cultures, gender criticism, medical technology, etc.
  • Internships:
    United Nations University, WIN (Women's Intercultural Network), UNESCO Asia Culture Center, NWEC (National Women's Education Center), etc.
  • Expected career paths after degree:
    International institutions, NGOs/NPOs, local public authorities, publishing companies, overseas branches of Japanese corporations, teacher, counselor, etc.
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