Course Overview

Our curriculum allows students to take courses from our core subject areas: Policy Studies, International Studies, International Corporate Management, Hospitality Management and Tourism. It puts a particular emphasis on combining academic knowledge and practical professional skills, as well as broadening individual’s perspectives and visions of the world.

Compulsory Courses (2 credits each)

Basic Subjects

International Administration I Introduction
International Administration II International Understanding
International Administration III Fundamentals of Thesis Writing
International Administration IV Social Research, Design, Evaluation

Seminar : Supervised Studies for thesis writing and research writing
International Administration Seminar with Academic Advisor (8 credits)

Case Studies: Study on specific cases to gain practical knowledge about policy and management (at least one class required, 2 credits each)

Case StudiesⅠ Corporate Management
Case StudiesⅡ Civil Society/NPO/Social Entrepreneur
Case StudiesⅢ Project Management/Evaluation
Case StudiesⅣ Policy Design Workshop
Case StudiesⅤ Development of Tourism Sites
Case StudiesⅥ University Management
Case StudiesⅦ Study of Japanese Economy
Case StudiesⅧ Hospitality Management

Elective Courses (2 credits each)

Policy Studies: Focus on policy-making process, legislation and evaluation methods

Policy Studies I Public Policy
Policy Studies II Regional Planning
Policy Studies III Economic Policy
Policy Studies IV Ecology Policy
Policy Studies V NGO/NPO Policy
Policy Studies VI Population/Gender Policy
Policy Studies VII Education Policy
Policy Studies VIII Welfare Policy
Policy Studies IX Administration/Organization
Policy Studies X Urban Policy

International Studies: Focus on aspects of international relations, including international policy making, education, organizations and foreign affairs

International StudiesⅠ International Organizations
International StudiesⅡ International Relations
International StudiesⅢ Foreign Policy
International StudiesⅣ Local Government Diplomacy
International StudiesⅤ International Politics
International StudiesⅥ International Economics
International StudiesⅦ International Law
International StudiesⅧ International Cooperation
International StudiesⅨ Resources and Energy
Regional Studies in a Global PerspectiveⅩ Japan
Regional Studies in a Global PerspectiveXI Asia A
Regional Studies in a Global PerspectiveXII Asia B
Regional Studies in a Global PerspectiveXIII America
Regional Studies in a Global PerspectiveXIV Europe
Regional Studies in a Global PerspectiveXV Middle East and Africa
Regional Studies in a Global PerspectiveXVI (Regional Integration/Regional Cooperation)

International Business Administration Studies: Focus on global corporate management, functions and activities

Corporate StudiesⅠ Global Management
Corporate StudiesⅡ International Finances
Corporate StudiesⅢ International Trade and Logistics
Corporate StudiesⅣ Corporate Governance
Corporate StudiesⅤ Work/Life Balance
Corporate StudiesⅥ Japanese Corporation
Corporate StudiesⅦ International Management
Corporate StudiesⅧ Innovation Management
Corporate StudiesⅨ Venture Company
Corporate StudiesⅩ Global Marketing
Corporate StudiesXI Cost & Profit Management
Corporate StudiesXII Business Strategy

Hospitality and Tourism Studies: Focus on policy and business management related to hospitality and tourism industries

TourismⅠ Tourism Policy
TourismⅡ Geopolitics
TourismⅢ Hospitality Management
TourismⅣ Museum Management
TourismⅤ Transportation Management
TourismⅥ Food Management
TourismⅦ International Development Policy
TourismⅧ Management of Tourism Sites
TourismⅨ Airline Business

Special Lectures: Provided by experts from diverse fields to help develop students’ knowledge in specific fields

Special LecturesⅠ Presentation
Special LecturesⅡ Executive Program
Special LecturesⅢ Career Development
Special LecturesⅣ Statistics Training
Special LecturesⅤ Western Thought and Philosophy
Special LecturesⅥ Communication
Special LecturesⅦ Reading English Articles
Special LecturesVIII Financial Accounting
Special LecturesIX Management Accounting
Special LecturesⅩ Accounting

Seminar Courses and Internships : Supervised Studies for thesis writing and research project and internship

International Administration Seminar with Academic Advisor (8 credits)
International Administration Internship (2 credits)

Common Subjects

Presentation Skills in Japanese
Writing Skills in Japanese


International Administration Internship
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