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About the Graduate School of International Administration

A new type of practically oriented MA program designed for future leaders in public administartion and business administration.

The twenty-first century is the era of globalization. The Graduate School of International Administration was inaugurated in 2013 specifically to educate and develop young scholars, business professionals, and public administrators with the necessary qualifications and skills.

Japan in the 21st century faces a wide array of complex global issues. The Graduate School of International Administration develops well-versed professionals with specialized skills who can operate and lead globally.

Our curriculum puts a particular emphasis on combining academic knowledge and practical professional skills, as well as broad perspectives and visions of the world. It offers the students to take courses from a diverse set of four tracks, or interrelated concentration areas: Policy Studies, International Studies, International Corporate Management, Hospitality Management and Tourism.

Gaining specialized knowledge in the four concentration areas will prepare you to become a well-grounded, global administrative professional - all at a convenient location in the heart of Tokyo Kioicho.

Executive dean
Ono Motoyuki

Suzuki Takahiro

Bridging the traditional divide between the worlds of theory and practice

Combining professional training with research-oriented academic studies, the Graduate School of International Administration is a unique graduate school that develops and instills international mindset, practical skills, and deeper expertise.

  • Integrated curriculum that threads from required courses through job placement
  • Four career-oriented concentration areas with advanced career and professional certification in mind
    - Policy Studies
    - International Studies
    - International Corporate Management
    - Hospitality Management and Tourism
  • Classes offered in the evening and on Saturdays to accommodate busy schedules of working professionals
  • Outstanding teaching faculty consisting of accomplished professional experts and experienced educators
  • Options of either writing master's thesis or research project paper
  • International educational environment with diverse students from all around the world
  • Tokyo Kioicho campus with state-of-art facilities

Practice-Oriented Curriculum

Once in the International Administration program, students first select their primary area of interest or concentration from four career-oriented tracks. However, students can freely take courses from other tracks as well. Throughout the entire program, students complete a variety of required and elective courses with a great deal of flexibility: prerequisites (required), concentration electives (study tracks + other area of study), case studies, special lectures, supervised studies, and internships. Our academic supervisors guide students from course work through to job placement.

Degree and Credit Hour Requirements for Graduation

  • Degree : Master of Arts in International Administration
  • Required Credits to Graduate : 34 credits (42 recommended)
    Two-year Program (Early completion with graduation requirement)
a Prerequisite Courses (Required) 8 credits
b Concentration Courses (Electives) 16 or more credits **
[International Administration] [ 12 or more credits ]
[Other areas of study] [ 4 credits ]
c Case Studies 2 or more credits
d Thesis or research report project 8 credits
Minimum Required Credits to Graduate 34 or more credits

**Including Internships

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