Career after Graduation
HOMECareer after Graduation

Career after Graduation

After students earn a Master’s Degree, MGSIA provides support for those pursuing careers with governmental, international and nonprofit organizations as shown in the examples below.

1.Policy Studies

Central and Local Government Organizations, Research Institutes, International Organizations, Nonprofit Organizations, Think Tanks

2.International Studies

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, United Nations, UN-related organizations and agencies, International Organizations, such as Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA), and Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV), and NPO’s and NGO’s.
Analysts and journalists in the fields of world affairs, government investigators, public relation specialists at global business.

3.International Corporate Management

Global Corporations, Foreign Firms, Consulting Companies

4.Hospitality Management and Tourism

Airlines, Travel Agencies, Hotels, Other Tourism and Hospitality Industries

Messages from Alumni

Studying at JIU provided me with a solid foundation for my role in the Embassy.

Balint Anna Erzsebet
Alumni of International Administration, September 2012
Economic Officer at the Embassy of Hungary in Japan

I studied abroad in the Department of Management at Josai University. My goal was to be a Hungarian diplomat. I wanted to study more in this area, so I decided to proceed to the Graduate School of International Administration at Josai International University, where I could study the international economics as well as international relations. I gained invaluable experiences by interacting with many students from all over the world. Also, I was able to participate in events at the Embassy of Hungary as a part of my university activities.

I currently work at the Embassy of Hungary in Japan, which is my dream job. In the fall of 2012, I took the Foreign Service examination and became an economics officer at the Embassy of Hungary in Japan. In order to strengthen the diplomatic relations between Hungary and Japan, I work hard every day. I engage in a variety of efforts so that Hungarian culture in Japan and the economic exchange between the two countries can be further promoted. I want to make use of my degree in International Administration and apply the knowledge I gained to my duties as a diplomat.

By taking advantage of literacy skills that I acquired through the program, I want to become someone who can contribute to society.

Kazuya Hatakeyama
Alumni of International Administration, September 2011
Human Resources at Asahi Tec Corporation

As a student at the Graduate School of International Administration, I was aware of the importance of “literacy” skills, the skills to process information from input to output based upon analysis and interpretation. I am glad that I improved them while I was here. Reflecting on my development of “literacy” skills through writing my master’s thesis, conducting research activities, and making presentations in classes and events, I believe that these were the critical skills that enabled me to enjoy a wide range of experiences, such as international exchange projects off-campus and symposiums for policy study groups.

Now I work in the Human Resources at Asahi Tech Corporation, where I am responsible for recruiting and training employees. That said, because it has been only half a year since I began to work for the company and three months since I was assigned to the current department, there is a variety of challenging tasks every day. For example, when I make a meeting-minutes document for an important executive meeting, I feel the weight of responsibilities on my sholder. By taking advantage of “literacy” skills I developed during the program, I would like to continue contributing to my organization and society.

Through my understanding of international administration. I am now working to help future JIU graduates.

Yuzo Marume
Alumnus of International Administration, March 2004
Josai International Center for the Promotion of Art
and Science (JICPAS) at Josai University Educational

I graduated from the department of inter-cultural studies at the university and proceeded straight to the graduate program. While at the university, I mainly studied international relations, including world economics, culture, and religion. Subsequently, I took up this issue among nations in the Middle East and wrote a master’s thesis on that topic. In the wide range of courses in the program, I studied the state of international relations and societies from every angle and identified numerous issues and problems and potential solutions. I believe that I gained valuable lessons from the faculty and international students with diverse backgrounds.

Upon completing the program, I started working as a staff member at Josai International University. Taking advantage of being among the alumni myself, I try to increase the students satisfaction with campus life by playing a role of bridging the students and faculty. I have been mainly involved with undergraduate students, but now I also perform a variety of works from coordinating the curriculums to planning and executing industry-university cooperation lectures.

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