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Japan Korea Next Generation Academic Forum 11th Academic Conference

Japan Korea Next Generation Academic Forum, a well-known place for the debut of young researchers in human and social sciences, held its 11th international academic conference at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University on June 28 and 29. The students of the Mizuta Graduate School of Administration (Josai University and Josai International University) have participated in the conference either as principal reporters or designated discussants, and made prominent contributions.

Thirteen participants (graduate students, OB, and faculty members) from MGSIA (Josai Un., Josai Intern. Un.)

Li, Xuefei (China, MGSIA graduate student) making her report which was welcomed with standing ovation.

Takayoshi, Nakagawa(Japan, MGSIA graduate student, standing in the left) making his comments in fluent Korean language on a Korean participant's report.

Mitsuyoshi, Ishikawa (Japan, MGSIA graduate student, standing in the left) delivering his pointed views on a Korean participant’s presentation.

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