Visited ICBC as a part of class

On 26th June (Tue), our graduate students of GSIA visited the Tokyo Branch Office of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd.(ICBC), the world's largest bank representing China.
The visit mainly consisted of three parts such as a greeting speech by Chen Zhen, Deputy General Manager, watching the introduction video of the bank, and a presentation by its staff on the business and roles of the bank and the Tokyo Branch including answers on the questions which the graduate students asked in advance From explanations and the like, our students could vividly learn the activities and the role of banks, the current business and management situation of ICBC, its future efforts and future direction of the bank in social change with the advancement of technology. Moreover, it became a valuable experience for our students to think about their careers in the field of finance.
Regarding this visit, we was indebted to the all staff of the Tokyo Branch of ICBC including Mr. Zhu Xianda and Mr. Chen Zhen, Deputy General Managers, Ms. Saeko Matsuno, Joint Head General Department and Ms. Tomoko Ikeda of General Department. We would like to thank all of the m from the bottom of our heart.

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