Visit Google as part of classes

On July 3rd (Tuesday), our graduate students of visited Google Japan G.K. which the world's largest search engine company as a part of classes of "Career Design" and "International Corporate Management ".
They first received general explanation about Google's business and activities, specifically, various business and new attempts at the company, and social contribution activities. After that, they moved to the question and answer session. Their various questions were carefully answered. Our students could know about the severity and dynamism of the company as an international company in a tough world .
After the explanation, they were able to see the unique and exciting layout and interior inside of the company, and they could feel the atmosphere of the company running the world's leading edge.
The graduate students who participated in this visit tour could consider the possibility of their future career and receive great stimulation from this tour.
Regardless of the tours we visited, we were indebted to the staff members at Google Japan G.K. We would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

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