A Special Lecture by Mr. Tomoyuki Michiyama, a famous CM planner in Japan

On July 19, 2018 we had the pleasure of hosting a special lecture session entitled "Advertising, Art, and Poetry in Japan" by Mr. Tomoyuki Michiyama, the famous Commercial Planner and Creative Director at the Japanese advertising company Dentsu. The lecture was hosted as part of the Special Lecture I (Presentation, Professor Jordan Smith) of the Graduate School of International Administration (GSIA), a class that has focused on comparative advertising. In the lecture, he emphasized the importance of the word in advertisements, noting, "The word is at the center of advertisement," and explained the richness of words in terms of "three elements of the word"which are"meaning (listening, interview), sound (song), and image (dance, performance)." He also remarked, "If we care about our experiences, our values, and the things we care about (i.e., our forte), we become able to see our own strong points." Mr. Michiyama concluded, "If you extend the possibilities of words, you can enrich yourself, your life, and the world."

Mr. Michiyama's lecture was all the more persuasive for being based on his own experiences and activities creating some of the most well-remembered and influential works in advertising over the last twenty-five years. He illustrated his points by screening some his creations, blending humor, catchy songs, and sincerely moving explorations of the human experience.
It was a deep, exciting and extremely enjoyable opportunity for our students and faculty to gain an inside perspective on the creative forces behind advertising.
Our GSIA provides an abundance of such stimulating opportunities beyond our regular class lectures. This class from Prof. Smith has also hosted advertising industry creators such as Eliza Frye (Creative Director from Fullscreen Media in the United States) and Ben Tiernan (Senior Director of Strategy at Hearts & Science in the United States).

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