A Study Tour to JAL's Sky Museum

Seventeen students from JIU's Graduate School of International Administration (GSIA) visited JAL's Sky Museum and aircraft maintenance facilities in Haneda.The visit was a part of the International Business course and our second visit to the JAL site since last year.
Prior to the visit, Prof. Haruka Nishimatsu (former JAL President) gave visitor students preparation lecture on the airline business (on October 15).He emphasized that passengers'safety is the first and foremost importance for any airline and that precise and thorough regular inspection and maintenance of aircrafts are indispensable for safety assurance.
On October 18 (Thurs.), participant students were welcomed by Prof. Nishimatsu at the JAL Sky Museum. First, the participants were briefed about aircrafts'mechanism, various duties at airports, and functions of facilities. Then, they, split in two groups, proceeded to the hangers (one group led by a former pilot of Boeing 777, and another by a former cabin attendant. Fortunately,there were three aircrafts of different types under maintenance in the main hangar.Roaming through huge aircrafts, the students listened attentively to the guides'explanations about the planes and inspection jobs, and asked questions. The sitting Boeing 787 overwhelmed us all with its enormity and presence.
Concluding the site visit, Prof. Nishimatsu gave an invaluable message to the students:"seeing is one thing; doing?making use of what you saw and learned for society in the future?is crucial.''

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