A screening event of a documentary entitled "PAPER LANTERNS" was hold

The Graduate School of International Administration (GSIA) of Josai International University co-hosted a screening event of a documentary entitled "PAPER LANTERNS," with the Japan Boston Association (JBA) as the other sponsor, on November 7. The event was part of the 5th anniversary of the GSIA Many people, including the GSIA students, participated in the event.
The event began with welcoming remarks by Professor Taku Oshima, the Dean of the GSIA. In the speech, Prof. Oshima encouraged us to re-think the meanings of war, atomic bombs, and peace.
The film was about Mr. Shigeaki Mori, an atomic bomb survivor, who spent more than 40 years on searching bereaved families of American POW victims. The film director Barry Frechette recorded Mr. Mori's laborious fact-findings about the deceased POWs, his warm-hearted exchanges with two particular families who visited Hiroshima, and President Barack Obama's highly-reported embrace of Mr. Mori upon the presidential visit to Hiroshima. It was a soul-shaking story, showing how ruthless atomic bombs are destroys humanity of who you are. And the prayers for peace.
The screening was followed by a commentary and Qs & As by Mr. Peter Grilli, the film's producer and a long-term friend of with the JBA. Mr. Grilli shared with the audience insightful stories behind the film (and President Obama's visit to Hiroshima) as well as his special feelings on the US-Japan relationship.
The event was concluded with remarks by Professor Miwako Hosoda (Vice President of Seisa University and an JBA member). Prof. Hosoda reiterated that "it is important to perpetuate peace on earth, not war".
The GSIA was proud of having hosted this memorable and invaluable event on peace when bellicose and self-assertive discourse looms. We are also grateful for everyone who participated in and/or assisted the event.

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