GSIA Fifth Year Anniversary Symposium

On November 28, the GSIA held the symposium on"Women's Career-building and its Impacts upon Japan's Future''as a part of the School's fifth year anniversary.There was a large number of participants from inside and outside Josai International University.
In the keynote speech, Prof.Takako Kojima,an associate professor of Toyo University,a GSIA graduate,and a highly-regarded career counselor,discussed"Prospects for Women in the 21st Century.''Her enthusiastic speech was followed by a panel discussion among the GSIA faculty and an alumna.

Prof.Toake Endoh coordinated the panel,with Prof.Shigeru Matsumoto discussing the current corporate environments surrounding female workers, Prof. Jordan Smith(Faculty of International Humanities)on Japanese women's social position from a comparative literature perspective, Prof. Hidekazu Iwamoto(Faculty of Tourism)on women and the tourism industry, and a GSIA graduate on real-life experiences as a career-seeking woman.In the following reception, the panelists met the participants, further exchanging their ideas and opinions with each other.
GSIA is committed to engaging in social improvements through education and research activities.We highly appreciate your supports and interests in us.We also look forward to new applicants (in April and September).

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