GSIA Students Visiting Ministry of the Environment

On November 20, students from the classes such as Career Development visited Ministry of the Environment (MOE).
The students were first briefed of the history of the ministry, its organizational structure, law, policy, and activities within its jurisdiction, as well as new trends and approaches in Japan's environmental policies. We then had a privilege to visit Mr. Hideka Morimoto (vice-minister) in his office. Mr. Morimoto provided us a concise explanation on comprehensive environmental issues, including global warming and global coping efforts. He attentively listened to students'questions such as a Japan-China relation over environmental issues, and gave pointed answers.We were all grateful of the rare chance to meet an environmental vice-minister and exchange opinions with him.
This visit enabled students not only to learn about the MOE's policies and roles but also to gain a hands-on experience of where a national policy is formulated.That may stimulate them to explore their future career.
Last but not least,the JIU-GSIA would like to express our great appreciation to Vice-Minister Morimoto,Mr.Yuya Takabayashi(deputy director, Policy Coordination/Evaluation Office of the Minstry),and other"green''staff who made possible our visit.

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