Special Lecture on Denmark

The Graduate School of International Administration(GSIA)held a special lecture titled "Why is Denmark the happiest country in the world?"on Thursday, June 27 as part of the class.
Kazuhiro Terada, Senior Political and Economic Officer of the Royal Danish Embassy talked about various aspects of Denmark, such as politics, economy, business, way of working, education, healthcare, tax, immigration, digitization and justice in comparison to Japan. We could get very easy-to-understand, instructive stories covering a variety of areas and learn why Denmark is said to be a happy country.
In addition, participants including many people from outside the class participated in the lecture actively questioned and got answers from the lecturer. The lecture was a very meaningful opportunity.
We would like to thank Mr. Terada for giving us a wonderful opportunity as a lecturer.
GSIA will continue to hold such events, so please join us if you have a chance. Thank you.

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