Visit Mercari as part of class

On July 2nd (Tuesday), our graduate students from classes such as Career Development of our Graduate School of International Administration(GSIA) visited Mercari, Inc., famous for its flea market app with which anyone can easily sell and buy from smartphones.
First of all, they were briefed of its history, its corporate mission of "Create value in a global market where anyone can buy & sell", a large number of internships and foreigners in the company, along with the establishment and development of Mercari, the company's corporate mission of "Create a global marketplace that creates new value",the company's business activities and business models.They were able to learn about its creating a unique ecosystem, and also its changing people's lifestyles and society. In addition, our graduate students were interested in them and asked many questions. After that, they also showed us the office of the company.
Through this visit, they learned not only about this new venture company which was considered to be one of the few unicorn companies.

We are indebted to Mr. Ryohei Takahashi as public policy councilor of COO office of Mercari and others in the company's president's office who made possible our visit. Thank you very much.

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