Visit KEIZAI DOYUKAI as a part of classes

On July 23rd(Tuesday), our graduate students from the classes of Career Development of our Graduate School of International Administration(GSIA) visited Japan Association of Cooperate Executives(KEIZAI DOYUKAI). KEIZAI DOYUKAI has solidified its leadership role in improving economic community and in seeking solutions for domestic issues of business environment. KEIZAI DOYUKAI membership comprises about 1,400 which is almost same as KEIDANREN(Japan Business Federation).KEIZAI DOYUKAI also provide study working group and lecture more than 100 times, and also arrange internship, working experience between students of university and companies.

When we visit KEIZAI DOYUKAI, they were briefed of its history and how to develop economy in Japan after world warII. In addition, they explained for characteristics of Japanese company and our graduate students were interested. After that, they also showed us the office of the company.Through this visit, they also learned about how to find better Japanese company which suit for us.

We are indebted to Mr.Sadahiko Okano as Managing Director of KEIZAI DOYUKAI and others in the company's president's office who made possible our visit. We really appreciate that you help us a lot. Thank you very much.

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