GSIA Students Visiting Ministry of Defense and Nagatacho

On November 26, JIU-GSIA (Graduate School of International Administration)students visited national government institutions in Ichigaya and Nagatacho as a part of course activities of'Law and Public Administrations"and'International Cooperation."
The first site of the visit was Ministry of Defense(MOD)in Ichigaya. Entering the majestic main building, the students met the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Defense Kazuchika Iwata at his office. They discussed various issues including international affairs, studies abroad, and cashless retailing. After the meeting, we proceeded to the Ichigaya Memorial Hall, which was the Main Lecture Hall of the Imperial Army's Academy before the World War II. Therein students learned about historical events that took place at the building, such as the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, special stairs solely used by prewar emperors, and the chamber occupied by the novelist Yukio Mishima during his failed coup.
In the afternoon, we visited the National Diet,the Diet Members'Hall,and the Headquarters of the ruling political party Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), all clustering in Nagatacho. These institutions are open to general public, but what made our visit special was that we were able to enter special areas, including the chamber of the Budget Committee at the Diet, a parliamentarian's office from its window, we overlooked the Prime Minister's Official Residence?, and the office of the LDP President. The students got a hand-on experience and knowledge on Japanese political systems,their democratic principles, and intriguing episodes of representative statespersons. Lastly but not the least,we are wholeheartedly grateful to all the persons who made possible this invaluable and memorable trip.Thank you!

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