Visit Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. as part of our classes

On December 10 (Tuesday), our graduate students visited"Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.", a real estate developer,which is famous for office buildings such as the Marunouchi Building and the Shin-Marunouchi Building, representing Japan,as a part of the classes"Career Design"and "International Corporate Business".

They first could get an explanation about the company by its staff.They could learn not only the company's business but also its idea that if the work place changes, the way of working will change, while the work style reforms are in progress in Japan.In addition, they also learned that the company decided to move its headquarters office to the present place, based on the idea that their office should be regarded as a place for experiments to demonstrate the office environment of the future to be utilized and also learned about various programs and apps that support it.Then they could understand a new way of work style and it environments, while observing the actual working environment and various systems in the company.
Through this study visit, our graduate students could know that the company builds a concept with different themes for each floor in the office, and uses the internal staircase and the common space that occupies about 30% of the total to realize the environment of the new way of work style(explain later), considering the headquarters office itself as"PARK". There are spaces and places in the office where people can freely go and communicate, be inspired, gather, concentrate and think about things, and improve productivity. They also learned that the is functioning as an experimental and practical place for"the new way of working".
Our graduate students seemed to have received a lot of stimulation from this visit and asked many questions to the staff of the company, and also learned, experienced and felt about the new movements of Japanese companies and the work style reforms taking place in Japanese society. Through this experience, they seemed to be greatly stimulated in various ways, thinking about their future career.

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