GSIA Students Visiting Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

On December 24, our graduate students from the classes such as Career Development visited Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT).

They first had a chance to meet and talk with Mr.Yoji Maruyama,Assistant Minster/Director-General, Elementary and Secondary Education Bureau of MEXT and Mr. Kenko Watanabe, Manager of the Primary and Secondary Planning and General Affairs Division of the Bureau, viewing the introduction materials of the Ministry.Despite being nervous,they asked Mr.Maruyama some questions and he carefully answered new trends and directions in education policy and activities at MEXT.

After that,while listening to the staff's explanations, they visited the old office of MEXT's minister and learned about policies, activities and movements in MEXT's coverage area through a tour in the Museum of MEXT.

We were all grateful of the rare chance to meet an assistant minster and exchange opinions with him. This visit enabled students not only to learn about the MEXT's policies and roles but also to gain a hands-on experience of where a national policy is formulated.That may stimulate them to explore their future career.

Last but not least,the JIU-GSIA would like to express our great appreciation to Assistant Minister Maruyama, Mr. Watanabe, and other staff who made possible our visit.

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