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The Graduate School of International Administration offers the following financial aid programs for the students.

■Mizuta Scholarship

The Mizuta Scholarship, named after Mikio Mizuta, founder of Josai University Educational Corporation, to commemorate his legacy, is awarded to graduates with the highest GPAs (one awardee from each major program).

■Shunpei Yamazaki Scholarship

This Scholarship, funded by Dr. Shunpei Yamazaki, an inventor of non-volatile memory (flash memory) is offered to selected students of the Graduate School of International Administration for individuals who are likely to be active in the international community.

■Teaching Apprenticeship

Teaching Apprenticeship is a program for supporting students who plan to pursue a career in teaching. As part of the education program for training future educators, Teaching Apprenticeships allow students an opportunity for the first-hand teaching experience by assisting in language and other courses. A part of tuition will be waived through the Teaching Apprenticeship ptogram.

■Teaching Assistantship

Teaching assistantships (TA) are available for some courses. Selected TAs will receive a partial tuition waiver. Applicants must submit their resume or curriculum vitae (CV) that shows work experience and personal achievements.

■Tuition Discount for International Students

International students who are not on other financial aid, such as a tuition waiver or a scholarship, may be given a 30 percent discount on their tuition.

* The above financialaid descriptions are from 2015. Please note that details and contents differ from one school year to another.

Master's Thesis Presentations

Presentation of the Preliminary Version of the Master’s Thesis at the end of the course

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