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Graduate School of International Administration

The Graduate School of International Administration educates students to become global-minded professionals with the understanding and coping skills to solve global issues that impact on, or result from the relationship among governments, businesses, and non-governmental organizations in the 21st century.
This admission guideline will help you complete the application procedures.
Approximately 25 students are admitted to the program per year and courses are available in either Japanese or English.

Admission Guideline (For April 2020 entrance) (PDF)

Application Form (PDF)
Admission Essay (PDF)
Original Physical Examination Certificate (PDF)
Letter of Recommendation 1 (PDF)
Letter of Recommendation 2 (PDF)
Application for Certificate of Eligibility / COE (PDF)
Personal Records for immigration (PDF)
Statement of Financial Support (PDF)
Personal Records for JIU(PDF)
Application for tuition exemption (PDF)

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