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Message from the Dean


Please allow me to welcome you to the Faculty of International Humanities. We are based on the main campus of JIU, in Togane, Chiba Prefecture where you will find a lively atmosphere among the overseas and Japanese students who are members of this faculty. It is our aim to provide you with the necessary language and cultural skills required to make your way successfully in the world following your graduation and to help you to make meaningful connections between people of all nationalities.

A Faculty of international flavor

A Faculty of international flavor

The Faculty of International Humanities emphasizes the understanding of different cultures and languages, and develops students' problem-solving and communication skills in order to better contribute to society in the age of globalization.

The Faculty is composed of two departments: the Department of Intercultural Studies and the Department of International Exchange Studies. Courses are taught at both Chiba Togane Campus and Tokyo Kioicho Campus, with international students mainly taking courses at Chiba Togane Campus.

Department of International Exchange Studies


There are three categories of courses. Firstly, the Global College Program Course allows students to take courses in English with professors from different backgrounds. The curriculum includes courses on Japan, business, politics, and language learning and teaching.

Secondly, the International Communication Course focuses on improving communication skills and language teaching methodology. Students can get experience teaching in local elementary schools, and for those interested in a career in international travel, attend seminars run by experts in the airline industry.

Finally, the International Administration Course looks at globalization from the perspective of international cooperation on world problems such as poverty, environmental degradation and climate change. Students can take part in international events such as the Tokyo Global Festa which showcases many NGOs and government organizations involved in international development, and undertake volunteer work both in Japan and other Asian countries.

■The curriculum


Living in Japan

Living in Japan

Living in another country is always an exciting and challenging experience. You will have the opportunity to make new friends and learn a new culture through experiencing daily life. At the same time, you will have the support of JIU as an institution that has over 20 years of experience in hosting students from many different countries. We hope that whatever your interests outside study, be it food, animation or martial arts, you will leave JIU with memories that you will never forget.

Life after graduation

Naho Fujisawa

Naho Fujisawa
The four years I spent at university were extremely rewarding. I was able to study English overseas in America and Canada, as well as studying culture for a period of time in Norway where I taught Japanese. In addition, I was able to live and work at Disneyworld in Florida. While studying on campus, I was able to get to know many foreign students and enjoy an atmosphere of English conversation and culture. Being able to communicate in English has opened a wider world for me and is one to which I want to continue to be part of.

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