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Message from the Acting Dean (Toshiaki Inoue)

Dean Toshiaki Inoue

In line with the effects of Japan's aging society, the national welfare policies scheme is in the critical phase of shifting from the protective welfare view to the paradigm of respect for individual rights. As Japanese society is also facing increasing problems such as child abuse, bullying and domestic violence, we also explore adoptive social work frameworks.

The Faculty of Social Work Studies at Josai International University offers four courses in social work, childcare, clinical psychology, and care work. These courses are within a curriculum focusing on child development, senior care, social work for disabilities, and community social work. Our faculty also welcomes students interested in advanced welfare practice.

Introduction to the Faculty of Social Work Studies

Students can select one of four specialized courses in either the first or second year of the program, and prepare themselves for the national examinations to become eligible for working in social work related occupations. Practicum, and preparatory courses for the national examinations as well as volunteering activities are offered in all our courses. Students can choose from four main courses: Childcare; Care Work; Social Work, and Clinical Psychology. The department places emphasis on the four following areas; field education, global education, qualification education and cooperation between welfare, pharmacy and nursing education.


A curriculum providing support to community specialists of the future

The curriculum in the Faculty of Social Work Studies at JIU develops social workers with the necessary professional skills and qualifications who can make a positive impact on the lives of others. Freshmen learn about social work studies through basic skills development and fieldwork. Based on awareness of social problems gained from experience in the field, sophomores study theory and skills as social workers. Through both orthodox studies and internships, juniors are able to form a sense of professional ethics and merit in social work. Seniors strive hard for success in the national examinations for social workers and undertake graduation work through seminars.
By way of global education, students are able to experience different cultures and values through both the JIU Global College and overseas training. Students in the department have opportunities to study abroad in countries such as Australia, Canada, Norway and the UK. In this way, students can experience different histories, systems and ideas of social work practice in different parts of the world.


■The curriculum

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