Romain Duchesnes
(ローマン デュシェーン)

  • 助教



Cinema Studies、フランス語Ia・b・II


映像芸術コース」Global Media & Cinema Studies分野、フランス語教育。


Romain Duchesnes has graduated from the Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle University in film studies. After obtaining a qualified teacher's certificate (CAPES) in English as a foreign language from the French ministry of education, he has worked as language teacher in various secondary schools in the Paris region. He also has a master's degree in literary translation (English-French) from the Paris 8 Vincennes University and has translated several successful American novels into French. 

In Japan since 2011, he has worked here as a French language teacher at L'Athénée français (Tokyo) before joining the media department of Josai International University where he is focusing on French film history and film analysis.




Hi there! 
I am currently offering both French language and film studies classes ( as part of the Global College). In all those classes, I put emphasis on  communication, building on what you already know to create a fun,  interactive learning experience. I’m looking forward to seeing you in  one of my classes!