Kenseki Saitō, painter and the fishermen’s boss at Kujukuri Beach


Kenseki Saitō (1798-1874) was the great landowner in Shitengi Village (currently, Shitengi, Ōamishirasato) and the boss of fishermen from Kujūkuri Beach. Having succeeded Shiroemon XII, Kenseki used his financial strength, rooted in the success of dragnet sardine fishing, to collect paintings and calligraphy. He invited writers and artists to Taiyōan, or his second house overlooking the ocean. Kenseki mixed with educated men like the poet Seigan Yanagawa, and the painters Chinzan Tsubaki and Hankō Fukuda. Kenseki also painted in the traditional Nanga style, occasionally changing his name, for instance to Nan’otsu, Rinsai, Kenseki, and then, Kenseki, written in other Chinese characters. His paintings, pursued as a hobby, were highly esteemed. The contemporary painter ranking list included his name while he was alive. In art magazines, Keigetsu Matsubayashi and Rinkyō Ishii wrote about Kenseki during the Taishō Period. However, his name was subsequently lost to history.
This exhibition shows works from his early periods to his last years chronologically, to trace his life as a painter. Enjoy his series of works, including a large painting of The Death of the Historical Buddha and works shown for the first time, including historical paintings.

Emperor Nintoku Watching Cooking Smok

Emperor Nintoku Watching Cooking Smoke, 1846,
private collection


● Lecture
11/30 sat. 13:30-15:00
“The bosses of fishermen from Kujūkuri Beach and Kenseki Saitō, painter and the fishermen's boss
Instructor: Yutaka Koyama (Chairman, Ōamishirasato council for cultural affairs)
Admission: Free
Venue: Presentation Hall (Library, 3F)
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● Gallery Talk
11/21, 12/5 thu. 13:30-

Title plate
Peony and Sparrow, detail, 1848, Oamishirasato City Library

Escape from the Heat at the Summerhouse on the Water

Escape from the Heat at the Summerhouse on the Water, Oamishirasato City Library


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