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 Presenting the Japanese art collection of Herbert Plutschow (1939-2010), a scholar of Japanese literature. Plutschow began collecting local specialty dolls while studying abroad in Japan, with his interest shifting to paintings after encountering the Harari Collection of Japanese art while teaching at UCLA. He decorated his room with hanging scrolls and folding screens, enjoying Japanese art as he went about his day. We followed Plutschow's process of collecting art and presented local specialty dolls, the former Harari Collection, kasen-e (pictures of famous poets) and monogatari-e (narrative pictures) during the Plutschow Collection Exhibition held here in 2008.

 Plutschow was admired for his knowledge and calm personality and he instructed many students in the Faculty of International Humanities here, but he passed away in 2010. For this exhibition, spectacular works from among the Collection showing The Tale of Genji will be on display, along with the first public showings of Seasonal Scenes on Folding Screen, Scenes of Mount Yoshino and Wakanoura on Folding Screens, and other genre paintings collected by Plutschow in his final years. Please enjoy many of the treasured works owned by Plutschow, a Japanologist who explored Japanese culture from a unique perspective.

Scenes from Tale of Genji

Ladies from The Tale of Genji on Folding Screens

Scenes of Street Musicians on Folding Screen

Scenes of Mount Yoshino and Wakanoura on Folding Screens,
Scenes from Tale of Genji, from 12 panels,
Kano school, Ladies from The Tale of Genji on Folding Screens, detail,
Scenes of Street Musicians on Folding Screen,
the above, color on paper, Edo period, private collection


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