Melting Snow on Jizo-numa Pond in Mt. Gassan, 1980, oil on canvas, 72.7×100.0cm, collection of the Artist


 Shinsaku Sato (1952 - ) is an oil painter known for portraying the spectacles of nature, such as the mountains and rivers of Yamagata and the seas around the Boso Peninsula, capturing the changes of the seasons, weather and times.

 Sato was born in Yamagata Prefecture, and studied under Hirohide Hashimoto at the Asagaya College of Art and Design. He began exhibiting his work as a student, mainly at private and group exhibitions. He earned recognition for painting still lifes and landscapes using clean colors and detailed compositions, while following traditional oil painting techniques. After relocating to Togane, he began painting landscapes as he observes them, outside his studio. As a result, his style of painting which often expresses gentle light and breeze has evolved further.

 The Shinsaku Sato – the Winds of Sotobo III – exhibition held in 2011 focused on his Sotobo landscape paintings. Our new exhibition also includes still lifes and portraits that illustrate how his style of painting has changed over time. Both early works and recent works are displayed to trace his activity over the last fifty years.

Pine Trees on the Beach of Komatsu

Pine Trees on the Beach of Komatsu, Kujukurihama, 2012, 116.7×91.0cm, oil on canvas, collection of the Artist

Still Life

Still Life, 1985, oil on canvas, 45.5×53.0cm, collection of the Artist

Kujukurihama and Restless Waves

Kujukurihama and Restless Waves, 1999, oil on canvas, 60.6×72.7cm, collection of the Artist


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