Yoshikazu Saito Illustration Exhibition
41 year retrospective (1980-)

Full of Hope, 2020 / Into the Forest, 2020, illustration
Tsapirus, 2017, linocuts and digital, collection of the Artist


After graduating college I went straight into a career as a freelance illustrator and have been drawing pictures ever since. My work lacked sophistication and my speed was slow, but I was fortunate enough to be living in favorable times and to have a supportive network, which enabled me to get where I am today. I am thankful that I had the endurance to continue developing my love of painting and handicrafts. Looking back, I myself am amazed at the variety of different styles of painting I experimented with over the years. I hope you enjoy my exhibition.

Yoshikazu Saito

We are pleased to present an exhibition of the creations of Yoshikazu Saito, Specially Appointed Professor in the Faculty of Media Studies of Josai International University. Since graduating from Musashino Art University, Saito has worked as a magazine and advertisement illustrator and has published numerous works. This exhibition presents the artist's early pencil drawings, colorful illustrations, linocuts, and 3D illustrations created using clay and extruded polystyrene foam. We hope you enjoy the exciting and playful world created by Yoshikazu Saito.

Town at Night

Town at Night, 1980, pencil, collection of the Artist


Slide Talk by Yoshikazu Saito
5/28 sat. 13:30 –
Admission: Free
Venue: Orientation Room (Library, 1F)
No reservation required
Capacity: 60


Mosaic, 2005, 3D illustration,
collection of the Artist

Flower Power Generation, 2017, illustration, collection of the Artist


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