ディズニー有償インターンシップ -イディア・アレクシス- vol.04

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  • 国際教育 × 観光学部

Disney Class

     Last month I began taking classes in Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management on Wednesday mornings from 08:30am to 12:30pm. I really like the teacher of this class so I am looking forward to the 12-week program. For this class we have been put into groups of 5 people from different countries. In my group there are 3 Spanish students and one Chinese student. For this class we have been set a project in which we are going to create our own business. The result of our collaborative project will become the major part of the assessment for the course. 

At the moment I have 3 classes altogether - one here at Disney in Florida and two online classes through UCR (Strategic Marketing and Disney Supervised Training). This means I have to hand in 3 or 4 reports every week. As I also have to work at Disney World to satisfy my internship hours, I am learning a lot about how to best manage my working and studying time.




Work Experience

     In this report I want to share some of the knowledge I have gained by being in a fast paced workplace like DisneyWorld. First, I have learned about the importance of teamwork. When you are working as the member of a team, you are working towards a common goal or set of objectives. I am currently working in merchandise at the Magic Kingdom so I have to interact with a lot of guests everyday. However, because I am working in a team I know that even if there are problems there will be someone ready to help me and share any responsibility. In this way the work can be done more quickly. This is especially helpful if I am working the late shift and we have to carry out floor stocking (fill empty shelves with merchandise) ready for the next day. The store is really big so I really appreciate teamwork as a way to make the operation more efficient, so we can finish on time. Teamwork is a fair exchange system so if I have finished the area I where I am working, I also always help another team. 

      Understanding the workplace culture is another really important skill for work at DisneyWorld. Disney aims to provide magic for their guests and we have to deliver the best quality service to all guests, at all times. When I first started working at Disney I learned about the importance of how to “observe”. This means watching how other cast members interact with guests and then adopting the best practices they carry out into your own actions when dealing with guests. We also have to watch for any problem interactions. For example, we should watch if interactions are easy or strained, or how any conflicts are resolved. I think “observing” helps me to adapt easily to a workplace, and it tells me how important it is to be aware of the workplace culture.