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Josai International University JIU offers undergraduate and graduate programs. There are seven faculties in the undergraduate program: (1) Faculty of Management and Information Sciences, (2) Faculty of International Humanities, comprised of the Department of Intercultural Studies and Department of International Exchange Studies, (3) Faculty of Social Work Studies, (4) Faculty of Media Studies, (5) Faculty of Tourism, (6) Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and (7) Faculty of Nursing.

The graduate programs JIU offers are: (1) Graduate School of Humanities, comprised of Master's Program in Intercultural Studies, Master's Program in Women's Studies, Master's Program in Global Communication Studies, and Doctoral Program in Comparative Cultures, (2) Graduate School of Management and Information Sciences, comprised of Master's Program in Management of Entrepreneurial Ventures (M.B.A.), Master's Program in Small and Medium Business Consultant Registration (M.B.A.), and Doctoral Program in Management of Entrepreneurial Ventures, (3) Graduate School of Social Work Studies (Master's), (4) Graduate School of Business Design (M.B.A.), (5) Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Doctoral Program), and (6) Graduate School of International Administration (Master's).

At the undergraduate and graduate levels, JIU's Global Program provides students with the possibility to take courses fully or partially in English. In addition, certain programs such as B.A. Programs in International Humanities, M.A. Programs in Global Communication, and M.A. Program in International Administration, offer more courses that are taught in English. A majority of undergraduate content courses are predominantly taught in Japanese. It is recommended that international students intending to study at JIU already have some working knowledge of the Japanese language so that their study experience at JIU can be more fulfilling.

The Faculties and Schools of Graduate Programs are housed in three campuses: Chiba Togane Campus, Tokyo Kioicho Campus, and Awa Campus. At present, JIU has about 6,000 students in the undergraduate and graduate programs. While a majority of the students are from Japan, there are many international exchange, undergraduate, and graduate students. The teaching faculty is culturally diverse and has rich international experience, thus ready to receive students of different cultural backgrounds. We take pride in the diversity on our campus and consider it a nexus of cultural exchange and awareness.

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